Reed Forehand

STEM Seminar Poster

About Me:

Hi I'm Reed. I enjoy video games, theatre, and fiction books. Last year I was in a production of Stephen Schwartz Godspell (pictured right) and it changed my life forever.

Where I'm From:

I'm from the city Tampa, FL, just an hour and a half away from UCF.

My Major:

I am currently an Aerospace Engineering major. I've always loved planes and rockets, and someday hope to help humanity colonize mars.

Why I Joined EXCEL:

I joined the EXCEL program because I believe that it will allow me to gain valuable experience and knowledge that most student don't receive during a 'normal' college experience.

How EXCEL Will Help Me Excel:

I believe that EXCEL will give me the keys to success in my first year of college by giving me useful study skills, exclusive insight into the engineering profession, and a strong base for my math courses.

One Fact About Me:

I once won a Super Smash Brothers regional tournament!
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