The Ever Changing '20s

The innovations and cultures of the roaring decade.

The Jazz Age

The growing popularity of jazz music and jazz dance has taken our nation by storm. This craze can be traced to African roots and has been made popular by many African-American artists.Women also have a large role in this movement, the Flapper. These women take charge of their own lives and openly share what they consider to be wrong in today's society.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford is one of the biggest innovators of the century. His invention , the Assembly Line, allows for faster more cost effective work. This made working at his factories a very high paying job, while keeping his cars relatively inexpensive.


Dear Editor,

I am a 19 year old woman and i feel very strongly about women's equality. It isn't enough that we get to vote, I feel we should be given equal educational, financial, and social opportunities. We as women have done so much to prove our selves and definitely do not get the credit we deserve; we have fought in wars, worked in factories,bore children, raised families, and so much more yet we are still seen as lesser beings. Why is it that men get to decide our fates when we do so much for them? Women do not get near enough credit for all the credit we've given men. I want to inspire other women with the Flapper spirit to stand up and fight for what's right.


A concerned reader.

Political Cartoon- Labor Strikes

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This political cartoon has a lot of symbolism in it. It shows Uncle Sam, a figure of American ideologies, in a way to show what has happened in the American workforce; this also gives off a sense of irony. It also uses cobwebs to show an exaggerated sense of the number of factories closed due to labor strikes. The labeling of "labor" and "capitol" on the poor men show the decline of both in America.