By: Christian Butz

Where and People

Tango music is played and listened to across the world i modern time. Carlos Gardel brought tango to new levels. He brought this new style to the United States and made it very familiar with many people.


Tango is a style of ballroom dancing and originated from European immigrant populations of Argentina and Uruguay. Even though the present forms developed in Argentina and Uruguay from the mid 19th century, there are records of 19th a d early 20th century tango styles in cuba and spain. This music was being created for ballroom dancing.


The influences of tango music include percussive elements from African music, the traditions of Spanish guitar, Italian violin, classical piano, string bass, and a curious German instrument called the bandoneon.


Their are many different types of Tango whether its for Showm, Club, Old-school etc. Some are choreo-graphed while others are improvised. Tango comes from the soul and is hard to dance with feeling and proper carriage.Some Instruments used in tango is the accordion, cello, bass, violin, flute, piano, etc. There can be singing sometimes in this form of music. Tango is a music that you can take lessons to dance to. It is a very popular dance. That is if you are into it. Tango is a passionate dance so you would usually where if your a women a beautiful dress and if you are a man possibly a tux whatever you prefer to where to formal events. There are so many artists involved in tango so heres a list of a few singers:

Connections to Dance

Associated with those who enjoy jazz or electronic music. Below is one of many videos showing tango.

Tango Today

Tango is very big today. It influences many different people and as seen above there are huge competitions for it. The projected future is looking great for tango it is getting more and more popular as the years go by it is very fun to dance to. It also is a very unique sound of music.

Above is an example of one form of tango.