The Ganges

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The ganges also know as godess ganga

The Ganges is located in the city of Varanasi and streches along a range of lands of India but the start of the river ganges is in the moutain range.

Durining the winter or cold season the top of the water source (Gangotri Glacier) freezes and causes the whole of ganges to turn to ice,only when the warmer weather comes the ice starts to melt making water the water flows all the way down the mountain side into small rivers and when all these bodies of water meet this forms the Ganges .The Ganges begin at the confluance of Bhagirathi and alaknanda rivers.( The Bhagirathri is considered the purest source in hindu mythology and culture.)

The Ganges have a strong spirtiual significance to the reilonge of hinduism for one of their main godesses supposibly is the river. millions of pilgrims travel to the top of the ganges to bathe at least once in their life in hinduism this is their life quest.The ganges is used to be baptized in hindism and to pour the ashes of the dead.At the festival of light many hindu's but light lamp oils or candles on flowers and let them free in the ganges. hindu's belive in Recoronation and when some die they prefer to be burnt in flames next to the river of the godess ganga to be in a higher caste system in their new life

The ganges is believed to be the purest water in India but is very polluted with the washing of bodies,the oil lamps and the genral waste aswell

towns near the ganges

Here are a few towns on the bank side of the ganges and some links to



  • varansi
  • haridwar
  • allaha
  • kolkata
  • patna
  • kanpur