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2019-2020 School Year 3-22-2020 Update #3

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Krystal McCure, Counselor

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Conroe ISD Update - March 19, 2020
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We are awaiting guidance from the district regarding GT student's TPSP project. We will communicate information as soon as we know more how we will proceed.

5th Grade

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5th grade math will align many of our activities to the guide that Conroe ISD shares weekly. In addition, we will provide supplemental activities based on TEKS with which we know our Collins students need additional support. All activities can be found on your students’ Math Canvas page in a dated weekly module. This module will be available on Sunday evening and can be completed as time permits throughout the week.


5th grade Language Arts teachers have worked this week to align our activities to the guide the district shares weekly. We will also continue to practice reading strategies through the week, as well as class discussions. In addition to this work, we are providing optional enrichment for any student who would like to continue their strategies in fun ways.

Students should be reading 20 minutes a day. The language arts Canvas pages have links for anyone who needs reading resources, such as library links, online magazines, and free ebook websites.

This information is available on the Language Arts Canvas pages. We look forward to working with your kids again!


This week in science students will be learning how organisms live and survive in their ecosystems by interacting with the living and nonliving components. All activities and additional information the student may need to complete the activities are on Canvas under the Assignments tab.

Social Studies

5th grade Social Studies will be working on and reviewing the Westward Expansion Unit. This unit will be brand new for some of our students and a review for others. The resources from the district cover a later unit, so in the best interest of our Collins students we will be continuing on with the curriculum we were learning before the break. This is in order to not miss any important historical events. All assignments can be found on your student’s canvas pages. Assignments will be available each Sunday for students to work on throughout the week.

6th Grade

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The district has released some resources to help parents facilitate virtual learning. However, based on the academic needs of our Collins Cobras and the instruction they have already received,Collins math teachers have prepared an alternate plan that will better meet our educational needs.

Feel free to access the district resources if you are interested in some extra practice for your child, but please know that your child will not be responsible for the district created resources. You will find Collins math lessons available on your child's Canvas course.


We are creating activities weekly that we feel will continue to deepen your understanding and love of reading. Each week we will put a calendar on our Canvas page with daily activities and instructions for work to be completed. Everything you need will be on the virtual learning page. We will work on both reading and writing each week. Please continue to read 30 minutes each day - and you will find links on the Canvas page to help you access on line books, if needed.


All 6th Grade Science lessons and activities can be found on your students’ Science Canvas Course under the “Modules” tab. Each week’s lessons will be available on Sunday evening and can be completed throughout the week utilizing the “At Home Learning Calendar.” You are more than welcome to visit the fabulous website created by our district! Our own lessons will vary slightly from what you see on there, as we have created what we feel is best for our own students' needs.

Social Studies

All 6th Grade World Culture activities can be found on your students’ Social Studies Canvas Course under the module tab. Each world region module will be available on Sunday evening and can be completed throughout the week utilizing the “At Home Learning Calendar.” You are more than welcome to visit the Parent Resource website for CISD. Our Social Studies lessons will vary from what you see on there, as we created lessons for world regions that were yet to be covered by our students. We will start with Southeast Asia and move to South Asia and The Middle East.

Fine Arts / PE

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Band students, please be sure to log into Canvas and accept the invitation to join your 5th Grade Band Page or 6th Grade Band Page. We will be communicating videos and assignments through those pages. Thank you!
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How To Conference in CANVAS

Please take some time to view this 5 minute video about using Canvas Conferences. Some teachers may schedule a Conference with their classes. This is brand new for you and your teachers. Some teachers and learning community will try this technology this week, while others may communicate through Conference next week. Please be patient while we work through this together.

A few things to remember:

  • After you are in the room, please mute your microphone. It will be chaotic if we hear what is happening in everyone's house at once!
  • You may use the public chat feature, remember this is school and all chats must be kind and school appropriate. Event private chants are being recorded and available to your teacher.
  • If you can not make it to a scheduled conference, don't worry -- The meeting will be recorded and posted for viewing at a later time.
  • How often we use Conference will depend on how it works for us and if it is useful.
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Technology Help

Attachments below include:

  • Success with Tech
  • Using Your School Account to Sign In
  • 1st Way to Turn in a Goggle Doc in CANVAS
  • 2nd Way to Turn in a Google Doc Assignment
  • Click to form to request technology help
  • Mrs. Lahey's You Tube Channel (Scroll Down for CANVAS for Parents & Parents: Helpful Videos)

Mrs. McCure Update

Hey Collins’ students! Hope you have been able to get out some with the rain! The rain has been much needed as the plants and trees are making a turn into spring. I hope you have taken time to take a walk, ride your bike, create a piece of art, bake, watch a favorite movie, play a board game, do some stretches, clean your room, clean a closet, —-the list is endless of the things you can do. Have any of you tried the many virtual museum tours being offered as well as zoo tours? What about a You Tube work out? I know my girls and I did a dance off last night in the kitchen....Peaches-the cat-wasn’t too excited. And, no there is no video...hahah. With your parents permission, send me an email of favorite board games and movies you have watched! Talk with you soon!

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Health Service Hotline

Health Services has a hotline staffed by nurses for anyone who has questions about Covid-19 to call and discuss concerns.

936-709-7791 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

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