Shift Happens


India has more honor students than we have people.

How does this affect me?: If they wanted to, people from India could move to America and swoop in and take all the jobs. Then if I become older and decided to get a job in a big place ,like BB&T all the Indians would have the jobs and they wouldn't hire me because the Indians are smarter.
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Soon China will be the #1 English speaking country.

This has its pros and cons: this will be good if I would ever need to go to China for some reason I could find people to communicate with, but it will be bad because America might not have the main language of English.
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Some people predict there will be a supercomputer by 2013.

It will have the ability to be smarter than the average human. Jobs will be harder to find, but if people are smart they would use it against terrorism somewhere.
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Some people will have 10-14 jobs by the age of 30

This is bad if you have to move from one job to the next every year it will get chaotic and whoever it is won't be able to settle down and live happily.
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That is what people think will happen

In the "near future" people think all of the above will have happened.
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