Africa Deconstructed

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

The Story takes place in a small village in Africa. There resides the Igbo culture where the stories protagonist begins the story. The story is a cautionary tale about the fall of the protagonist Okonkwo and the integration/pacification of the African people into "white" European Culture.

This story ties into my central theme of deconstructing Africa. The students will analyze the text to have better understanding of the culture and the story's allegory for the historical events of European imperialism in Africa.

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

This is a children's book is in the format of an African Cinderella story. This picture book exemplifies a different view of African culture. This book gives students a "positive" outlook / view point on African culture. I choose this book in contrast of the two stories "Things Fall Apart" and " The Heart of Darkness".

Scaffolding Activity: The Heart of Darkness

The students will be given the opportunity for higher level reading. The story that the students will be given to read. Is called "The Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad. The story is historical fiction. That gives the students supplementary information. About the carving up of Africa. The major themes in the story are darkness and light. Some vocabulary and background information would be needed for the students to understand the story.
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How it ties in to my theme

The story and the theme tie in together. The books all deal with Africa and breaking down of the theme of Africa. These books give the students an idea of the cultural, customs, and people of Africa..
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