Sage Elementary School


School Schedule

8:45am - Students May Enter the School

8:55am - Tardy Bells Rings

3:25pm - School Ends (2:25pm on Wednesdays)


Friday March 3 - Read Across Sage Day

Friday March 10 - REGULAR SCHOOL DAY FOR SAGE (no school Middle and High School)

Sunday March 12 - Daylight Saving Time Begins

Monday March 13 - Run/Walk Club Begins

Friday March 17 - No School, Elementary, Teacher Preparation Day

March 20 - 24 - Parent Teacher Conferences

March 23 & 24 - No School, Elementary, Parent Teacher Conferences

March 27- 31 - Spring Break

Read Across Sage Week

To celebrate READING we will be wearing RED, WHITE & BLACK all week long!!!

On Friday, March 3, we are all encouraged to dress as a favorite character from our favorite books!!!

At 2:45pm, we will have an AWESOME All-School ‘Drop Everything And Read!’

ALL of Sage will gather in the Gym/Commons to engage in reading!.

This year’s focus will be on reading for 20 minutes. “Reading a minimum of 20 minutes a day allows children's vocabulary to grow and expand, exposing them to 1.8 million vocabulary words a year.” -Elizabeth Barnes, Children's Reading Foundation of the Mid-Columbia.

Reading 20 minutes EVERY DAY boosts mental health, allows students to practice their skills to improve critical thinking, and comprehension while developing a lifelong love of learning.

It allows the reader to more fully engage their imagination as they explore the world of the story.

Students may bring a book, a small blanket, and 1 small stuffed friend.

*If your child is absent they may join in our celebration by having their own DEAR time at home from 2:45-3:05pm

Happy Reading!

Run/Walk Club

The Run/Walk Club begins March 13th. It is a Sage Elementary favorite! Students are encouraged to run or walk the track during their recess and other free time.

Students keep track of the number of laps they complete and earn charms for their Run/Walk Club Necklace. This is a great chance for kids to set goals for fitness and health!

2022/2023 Yearbooks

Orders are now being accepted for Sage Elementary Yearbooks. Quantities are limited so order early to reserve your copy. Yearbooks are $20 each.

Order forms were emailed out to families or you can order online at:

Instructions for online ordering can be found on the Sage Elementary website: You can also find paper order forms on the Sage website as well. Yearbooks will be ready distribution in late May 2023.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Don't forget to attend Parent Teacher Conferences the week of March 20-24, 2023. Your conference time will remain the same as the fall conference, unless you call or email to make a change. If you need to schedule a conference, please call the Sage Office at 541-316-2830.

Notes From Nurse Stephanie

Tummy aches are common complaints in school-aged children.

Although gastric bugs can rear their ugly heads, most of the time, stomach irritation stems from hunger, constipation, dehydration or a bit of anxiety.

If a child comes to the nurse's office complaining of a stomach ache, they will be provided with an assessment, some water, a chance to use the restroom, an opportunity to rest for a little while and sometimes even a snack. This is often the break they need to relieve some discomfort.

Unless a child has uncontrolled pain, vomiting or three episodes of diarrhea, we will encourage a child to return to class to continue learning and participating with their classmates.

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Meet a Sage Staff Member!

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Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival and Dismissal time at Sage is extremely busy! Having over 480 students enter and exit one school can be a little tricky! You will experience traffic in our parking lot, and while it's not fun to wait, for the safety of our students and for the ease of traffic, please observe the following guidelines:

Arrival Time at Sage

  • Please pull your car forward to the furthest spot in the drop off lane (lane 1). Please do not stop at the beginning of the drop off lane or mid-way through the drop off lane. Please follow these guidelines rather than dropping your student off in front of their arrival/dismissal door.

  • Please do not drop off students in lanes 2 or 3. You may park in these rows. Your child may walk by themself, and/or you may accompany them using the designated crossing areas. Parents and students should use sidewalks at all times and only cross where there is staff supervision.

  • Please remember supervision begins at 8:45am. The tardy bell rings at 8:55am.

Dismissal Time at Sage

  • For the safety of ALL……...Please keep the entrance and exit of the parking lot free of parked cars. All three lanes must be kept clear.

  • Please keep driving lanes clear. Please do not double park behind parked cars and block the driving lanes at any time.

  • Do not pick your child up early to avoid parking lot congestion. Research shows coming to school late and early pick-up can negatively affect student performance. Early pickups are recorded as missing part of the day.

  • School ends at 3:25pm. (2:25pm on Wednesdays)

  • For the safety of ALL……..Please DO NOT park in the staff/bus parking lot. Bus drivers and staff leaving school cannot see when an unexpected student walks in-between vehicles. (Please plan for another option for dismissal time pick up.)

We lead by example! When we practice considerate and patient behavior in the parking lot, kids will follow our example. Take a minute to wave someone on and share a smile!

Please remember we are doing our best to create a process that is:


We need everyone’s help!

Thank you - Sage Elementary Community

Smarter Balance Testing

Grades 3-5 will participate in Smarter Balance Testing. Testing for Sage students will be determined soon. Help your student by making sure they are getting plenty of rest, eating a healthy breakfast, and are at school everyday and on time! The school day begins at 8:45am! More information can be found about testing on the Redmond School District website:
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