End of the Year in the Library


April 25-29 Grades 3-5 checkout. Friday early out schedule for clubs.

May 2-6 Grade 1 lesson and checkout. Plenty of time (but not unlimited) for lessons or activities so please let me know so that I can start getting things ready. Semi-fabulousness does not appear out of nowhere. ;) Takes planning.

May 9-13 Testing week so checkouts will be limited. Sort of have to play that one by ear.

May 16-18 (Mon-Wed) Check out will be limited to one book at a time.

Thurs, May 19 All student books due. I might be out that day. Haven't decided yet. Teacher books can be out a little longer.

Fri, May 20 Not sure where the volunteer luncheon is being held yet. If it's in here, sorry. No can do. If it's elsewhere we're open!

May 23-27 No more student book circulation ... time for lessons or maker (STEAM) activities or tech fun (coding, augmented reality, etc) so schedule your slot soon! Friday is early out schedule for clubs.

May 30 No School

Jun 1-2 Up to you all. I'm open to doing something if you want to get out of your rooms!

Activities to Schedule

Anything to do with Summer Reading! Unfortunately SAPL is always super late getting their calendar out ... like literally that won't be available until very close to if not the last week of school. :/ I'll get the B&N and Half Price reading logs ready.

Then we could do booktalks or add to Overdrive wish lists or make something related to a book (Star Wars Day, anyone? May the Fourth be With You? Or even cinco de mayo. Get back to my Spanish teaching roots). I'm pretty open to ideas! Or just set up stations like during #makermornings because not everyone can make it to that!

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Read Aloud Suggestions

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