Visit Virginia Now!

By: Amy Zhang

Virginia is always first!

Virginia was the first permanent English colony in North America. It was established as a business attempt for the Virginia Company, an English firm that supplies Britain with valuable resources. Virginia was also the first colony in the New World to establish a European-type legislature, the House of Burgesses. Under the guidance of the House of Burgesses, Virginia has blossomed into a beautiful and wealthy colony dominating the trade of tobacco. If you come and visit Virginia, you are sure to experience the glorious lifestyle the Non- virginians are always talking about!



On 1612, the glorious Virginia colony experienced a wonderful change that will guide her through years of prosperity and wealth. The year 1612 marks the first crop of tobacco exported, and from then on, tobacco has been the most popular cash crop used world wide. Not only is this a marvelous boost for the economy of our mother country, Great Britain, it also serves as an economic upgrade for the colony of Virginia as she is now exporting copious amounts of tobacco to superpowers all over the globe.

Commemorating our founder: John Smith

On September 10, 1608, John Smith became the leader of our wonderful colony. From there, he instituted laws, reinforced the defense, and improved agriculture all of which contributed to the success of the social and economic development of Virginia colony. Smith's strong leadership allowed the colony to thrive and grow to its importance today, almost 150 years later.
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