Owen, B.


Did you know snakes eyes are always open? Most people think they sleep. What they look like. Snakes have scales on their bodies. Scales help them climb. Snakes have spots. Their eyelids are clear scales. All snakes are different . Where Snakes live. Did you know snakes live in the eastern of the united states. Garter snakes live near water. Snakes live in gardens grass areas. Snakes live in many continents. What snakes eat. Did you know Boa snakes eat small, birds, bats and rats. Copperheads eat birds frogs, mice and insects. Garter snakes eat fish. Python eat a lot of different animals. Anacondas eat fish and deer.

Interesting facts about snakes. Did you know snakes shed their skin. Cobras can be up 18 feet. King cobras only eat other snakes. Snakes have thick bodies . Most snakes eat lizards.Most snakes live in the united states.Snakes are amazing but creepy creatures.