Engage to not Forget!!

why we forget?? By: Jenna Haney

Why I chose this?

I chose this topic because I am very forgetful and I never know what exactly goes on when you forget. It is very strange to me, how the human brain can remember something and then a second later, the human can forget the topic. I have never known much about forgetting so I chose this topic so I can get to know more.


Have you ever set your keys down, then moments later forgot where you set them? This is because setting your keys down, was never in your long term memory. Our brain is crammed with a massive amount of memory we have created over our lifetime. Memories range from profound (who am I and how did I get here?) to the most trivial (the license plate of the car at a stoplight).
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"Take wihtout forgetting, and give without remembering."

The Brain

Memory and forgetting is from the hippocampus' ability.
MRI's show that the age is associated with the reduction of the ability for the hippocampus' job.

Research & Psycholpgist

Cognitive psychologists have determined that there are two primary memory systems in the human mind: a short-term, or “working,” memory that temporarily holds information about just a few things that we are currently thinking about; and a long-lasting memory that can hold a lot of amounts of information gained through a lifetime of thoughts and experiences.

In one well-known experiment, researchers asked participants to identify the correct U.S. penny out of a group of incorrect pennies. They remembered the color and shape but not the minor details because those were not stored into long term memory.

Interesting stuff

You are more likely to remember something when you have a visual object helping to remind you of something.
As you get older, you tend to forget more.
We fail to register if we are not focused or interested in the topic.
Content that does not make sense to a person is usually forgotten first.
Although we may forget the exact words of something we just read, we can remember the meaning of it.


Why Do We Forget Things?
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