Jacob's Rescue A Holcaust Story


This book takes place during the Holocaust in the 1940's, in Warsaw, Poland. The Roslan's take in Jacob because Jacob's father left him and he was living in geottos. The Roslan's risk there family life to hide Jacob in their home. Neighbors get suspicious and claim that the Roslan's are hiding somebody. Then The Roslan's son, David, gets scarlet fever and dies.

So the Roslan's go to a shelter and are told the Russians are coming to save Poland from the Nazi's. They didn't stay long at the shelter and went to Mela's brothers house. While they were there Sholom (Jacob's brother) was brought to them. Alex really didn't like Mela's brother so they left and walked a lot of miles until they reached a farm filled with people hiding from the Nazi's. The next day they heard they were saved and the Russians came. Then the war ended and they found out Jacob and Sholom's father was still alive. Even though the Roslan's really did not want to, they had to let the boys go back to thier father in Palsetine.


Alex and Mela should've won the Righteous Among Nations Award because, they sacrificed their whole families lives to make sure the boys they kept were safe and healthily. That's important because they knew if they were caught their whole family would be killed. A second reason for them to receive the award is because they did not only take in one Jewish boy, they took two. That's important because they took the risk of having two boys live with them even though they didn't have a lot of money and the nazi's were going to kill them if the boys were found. Third Alex and Mela treated the boys like they were their own sons and didn't treat them different like everyone who was not Jewish did. That's very important because they made the boys feel loved even when everyone else in the world wanted them to be dead.


"Wouldn't you want to be given a little extra if that were you?"

It's saying to not be selfidh and give more to the Jews because they've lost so much.


I've learned so much from this book. This book is so powerful and show how caring the family is and how they'd do anything for those children. I think if I lived back in that time period i would be scared to be the Rosan's and would dreed to open the door everytime someone knocked. The Holocaust was a complete hell filled with lots of death, no child should've had to experience that. This book taught me that the Holocaust was a horrible thing to live in even if you weren't Jewish, and it taught me to be greatful for what I have now and how lucky I am to have two loving parents and food on my plate for each meal and a nice warm shower everyday.