You will see different kinds of teenage girls rapping also.

Princess rap battle coming in December be on the look out!!!!!!

I would like for everyone to come out and support me. This will be my first year doing this and there will be losts of fun.

About The Party

Friday, Dec. 19th, 5:45-11:45pm

One Stop,Main Street,Franklinton,LA,United States Franklinton, LA

Be prepared to get blown away by my music. Then there will be others rappers competing against each other including me . We will have food,drinks,prizes,and fun freestyling games.


5:45 p.m.- Everyone will arrive and  take pictures.6:30 p.m.-Everyone will eat.7:45 p.m.-Rappers will arrive.8:00 p.m.-You will hear my rap song.9:00 p.m.-you will other rappers.9:45 p.m.-you will play games and win prizes.10:45 p.m.-you will dance like its the end of the world.11:05 p.m.- I will pass out my CD's and you can get a free autographs .11:30 p.m.- you can take pictures with me for five dollars.11:45 p.m.- Its time for everyone to leave.