Cruise To Gallipoli

ANZAC family members are free of charge

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Departing Dates & Returning Dates

From Sydney to Gallipoli

Departing Monday 3 November, Arriving 22nd Saturday of November

Landing dates & Departure dates

This cruise will take a week to travel to Canakkale, Turkey. The exact arrival date will be the 10th of November, the departure date will be 16th of November. These dates give members of the crew a week to arrive, and a week to travel back.


$750 for Child ages 1-15

$900 for Adult ages 16 and over

Visit the Graveyard or our fellow soldiers

Once in Gallipoli this site will be the first and the main activity to explore and discover
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The Hotel

The Hotel In Gallipoli that will be used for the week is the Grand Anzac Hotel. This hotel is a four star rating

Throughout the week in Canakkale, Turkey

Guests on board are free to do what they wish throughout the week. Whether it be exploring Canakkale, sight seeing or even enjoying the wonderful hotel. Guests are guaranteed a fantastic experience, one that will last forever. The first day is remembrance day and guests are strongly encouraged to visit Anzac cove and the memorial on this significant day. The graveyard of the Anzac's will also be a huge part of remembrance day and will be visited by many Tourists around the world on this day.