Gooding Community Newsletter

May 2020, #27

Spring Cleaning and Safety Note from Chief Fisher

May is here and many of us have had ample time and opportunity to clean up our yards and areas, and it shows. There is still room for improvement as we strive to beautify our homes and our community. I would like to stress safety as well while we clean our yards by pruning or removing any objects from street corners that may limit visibility. This would include trees, shrubs, or what have you, that are within the safety zone or vision triangle that encompasses the 30 feet from intersecting streets, and the straight line from each such 30 foot location. Items within this triangle should not be higher than three (3) feet if solid, like a wood fence, or four (4) feet if not solid, such as chain link fence. Additionally, vehicles should not be parked within 30 feet of intersections or traffic signs and no closer than 20 feet of a marked cross walk. If you are building a fence, please check with City Hall before doing so and obtain a fence permit. Doing so can save a lot of time and money should modifications to your plans be needed to be in accordance with City Code. Finally, if you plan to dig, or even rototill a new area, please call the dig line, to ensure that you will not have surprise costs, such as damaged water, power, phone, or gas lines.

Continued Changes

With the state getting ready to move into the new 4 phase plan for bringing operations and business back to normal, there is little else to announce in the way of community happenings. It is our hope and prayer that things can transition smoothly over the upcoming weeks and months to help us all get back to living as normal. In the meantime, we encourage you all to continue to take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

Operations in the city of Gooding continue to function and adapt to changes and direction from state and local leaders. Be on the look out for more businesses and services to become available soon.

City council meetings are still being held on the first and third Mondays of the month at 7 p.m. Please reach out to City Hall or any of your elected officials if you have any specific questions, concerns, or suggestions.

this is a publication of the city of gooding

The Gooding Community Newsletter is a publication designed to share the positive happenings in our community. If you have an event or news item you would like to share, please send along your information to the email address listed below. Should you have an idea you think could improve our community, we encourage you to bring those ideas to the city council with plans on how we can work together to make our city even better. Thanks for listening and sharing!