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Essential Oil Basics

  • Essential oils are distilled from the root, stems, bark, flowers, and leaves of plants. Their only ingredient is the plant's oil filled with hundreds of compounds that help our bodies. As long as you are getting doTERRA's real, certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, they are safe and effective.
  • There are no other ingredients. The oils are naturally in the plants to protect the plant from environmental threats – so they can do the same thing for you.
  • Since our bodies are made of similar building blocks as plants, the essential oils work in our bodies in the same way that they would for the plant.

Essential oils are powerful!

  • They are 50-70 times more powerful than their herbal counterparts.
  • They benefit mood and mental health and support body organs and systems so that the body can heal itself.

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Recipe with Rosemary oil

Rosemary Zucchini Fettucine with doTERRA Rosemary Essential oil | dōTERRA Blog - Essential Oils

Summer produce meets fall flavor in this easy, healthy recipe. It is infused with Rosemary essential oil, which is helpful for boosting energy, reducing nervous


LLV pack Clinical Study

Life Long Vitality Pack Study Results

Here are the results of a 2013 clinical study by Dr Tory Parker, Ph.D. demonstrating the health benefits of the Lifelong Vitality Pack. "This vitamin pack has a great depth and breath of clinically proven ingredients but one of the answers we didn’t know is how well all those ingredients work together to create a powerful products and that was the question we wanted to answer with the Lifelong Vitality Study."

16 participants were studied for 2 months.

The subjects were:

• healthy to overweight

• had never taken LLV before

• took no other supplements

• normal lifestyle

Summary as provided by dōTERRA (below) reporting the direct benefits reported by participants in clinical studies.

Here is a direct link

Build your Immune - Be OnGuard! November 17th at 7pm Winston Salem

Miller Park Recreation Center

Winston Salem, NC

7PM Bring a guest!

Come learn the simple ways Essential Oils can support your immune system through some of the cooler weather onslaught that can wipe out the whole family!

(this class is part of our continuing education series and takes place on the 2nd Monday each month--different topics and teachers each month.)