Shadow and Bone

By Gavin Lane

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The Fold

The recent discovery of a Sun Summoner could mean the end of The Fold and that is a good thing, but for you that means you only have a short amount of time to venture into the fold and experience excitement and adventure that lies within fold. The Fold may be destroyed any hour now with the fact that the Sun Summoner and Darkling along with several Grisha and country leaders with the objective of destroying The Fold a few days ago. It remains a mystery what happened but people hope the fold will disappears soon. There are people wondering if things got even worse because no one has came back from the fold since they left.
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The Grand Palace

Visit the Grand Palace where the King and Queen live and rule the kingdom. Do not miss the King and Queen's fete, it will be the biggest party of the year. Even the Grisha will be attending the party putting on a show for the people attending. The show will feature Alina Starkov the Sun Summoner who, after several grueling weeks of physical and mental training, has nearly mastered her powers. She says she could not use her powers before because she deep down didn't want to.
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Duke Keramsov's estate

Have a short tour of Duke Keramosov's where Alina the Sun Summoner grew up. Venture into Alina Starkov's past and see where she grew up with Mal, her best friend. For an extra price have an interview with Ana Kuya, the Duke's housekeeper and learn the background the Sun Summoner and who she is as a person. Learn the background story of Alina and how she didn't even know she had powers before the incident at The Fold although she was tested. No one knows why they Grisha didn't find her powers, but she claims she subconsciously hid her powers so she wouldn't be separated or different from Mal. Alina also says she couldn't summon her own power at first for this reason and it was a real struggle to find out why she couldn't summon her power but eventually overcame it.
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The Little Palace

The Little Palace is the place where the Grisha live and train. At the Little Palace the Grisha, including the Darkling and the Sun Summoner, dwell. They have vigorous training and several servants that take care of there needs and you can witness it all. You can even watch the Sun Summoner train from a distance.