The Devasting Hit

The start

The Devasting Hit

The Start.

I have been playing football for a long time. Ever since I was a little boy I would not go to sleep without my football or basketball. And then my dad took me to a NFL football game,  I was only 4 but I remember it like it was yesterday I remember waiting for kick off I was so exited my blood was just pumping with excitement.


 In the 7th grade I played in a game called FBU all star east bay game. And I was really scared because there would be a lot of scouts there and if I didn’t do good they wouldn’t look at me the rest of my life, so I had to play really good and I would be going against the best players in the U.S.

Nose Guard.

When I played defense for my all-star game, I was really scared because I was going against some really big guys. They were already 6 foot tall in 7th grade, that’s crazy but they didn’t intimidate me because I wasn’t scared of anybody. I didn’t even care if my team one that game, I just wanted to play really good and impress the college scouts and my family.

The Devasting Hit.

 I was about to play the biggest game of my life, up at that point I was so scared the crowd was huge people from all around the U.S. and lots of college scouts. What I was most scared about was not doing well. But I just started praying to god asking him to give the strength to pull through this game an come away with no injuries. So kick off was about to start we held them threw the 4th quarter it was tied 36 to 36 we were on defense and there was 5 seconds left on the clock we needed a stop they were on the 15 yard line really close to scoring I sacked the QB and he fumbled so I picked up the ball and started running I ran all the way to the touchdown and we scored with 0 seconds on the clock we won. I was so amazed and that just proved with lots of practice you can do anything.