Paul Walker Murdered?

The Controversy Surrounding the Death of Paul Walker

Chaos In Santa Clarita

Paul Walker, driving with his business partner Roger Rodas, crashed Saturday November 30th on the streets of Santa Clarita, California. Walker and Rodas were driving back from a charity event raising support for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Media Perspectives

Multi-Theory Incident

News stations, the media, and conspiracy theorists across the country are portraying the events of Walker's death in a grand variety of ways. These theories include:

- Walker faked his own death

- Walker uncovered an Illuminati plot and the organization had to "dispose" of him

- Walker was murdered by a DTO (Drug Trafficking Org.) local to El Salvador and Cali

- Walker and his driver were both intoxicated

Media Bias

Some news channels and poplar media figures are broadcasting alternative theories about Walker's death.

Tila Tequila claims that Walker was in fact murdered.

- She is stating that Walker was killed in a "ritualistic" way similar to the death of Elisa Lam published an article claiming that Walker, with the help of his girlfriend, had faked his death

- The article talks about Walker's girlfriend being busted on-site setting up the scene of Walker's "death".

- Walker worked with the government of Santa Clarita to bring capital to the city

Mirror News: Porsche's Perspective on Walker's Death

- Porsche is claiming that the accident was caused solely by the driver, Rodas.

- Rodas and Walker both claimed that the suspension for the vehicle had been having problems the year before

Tila Tequila's Claims

Not too long after Paul Walker's death, TV star Tila Tequila seems to have come out with information regarding his death. Tila is claimed that Walker was killed in some kind of ritualistic manner.. She released this information on December 7th. She compared Walker's death to Elisa Lam's drowning earlier that year in February when she was found at a sealed water tank. Tila is claiming that she's retained the information for a while, but couldn't hold it in any more so she had to release a statement. This is a personal bias based on her past experiences with other murder victims.

NODISINFO Web Article Claims

Writers from NODISINFO have written articles claiming that Walker's death is one big "hoax". they claim that images released from the scene of Walker's death appear to be altered and the corpses almost look fake. Looking at the photos of the palm tree Walker and Rodas apparently struck show minimal damage to the tree itself. NODISINFO claims that the car crash doesn't not match the damage done to the tree. They have also posted photos of civilians in the crowd who appear to be Walker himself. Claims have circulated that Santa Clarita is the perfect area for a Holly Wood style pyrotechnic stunt perfect for faking the deaths of Walker and Rodas. This would also bring huge media coverage to the area, bringing potential capital to the entire city. This is an example of bias by selection of sources. They chose photos and articles that were only focused on grand conspiracy.

Porsche's Perspective On the Crash

Porsche released a statement to Mirror News saying that Walker's driver Rodas was solely responsible for the crash. However, Walker had filed a lawsuit with Porsche earlier that year claiming that the suspension for his Carrera GT has a faulty suspension. Rodas also claimed that car did not have a fully functioning crash cage. The article chooses sources by placement of quotes and information about the crash tilting in Walker's and Rodas' favor.


Cultural Criticism

This falls under the YOLO category. Paul Walker was the poster boy of this generation's You Only Live Once motto. Anyone who's familiar with Walker knows that that's how he lived his life. He held nothing back, and the way he went out is evident of that. Looking at his death, it's no surprise he went out driving a Porsche at over 100 miles per hour.

Historical Criticism

Historically, driving fancy cars at 100 miles per hour flying down interstates and highways was who Paul Walker was. In every single one of his movies, he was always performing some kind of death defying motto stunt. Examining this whole event keeping Walker's past in mind regardless of the "real" story is a great way to break it down. Walker was and always has been an adrenaline junkie, and he's always said he'd go out with a bang. and unfortunately he literally went out with that bang he wanted.


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