By:eliot schrefer


the book is about four young heroes summoning the four fallen briggan the wolf, uraza the leopard, essix the falcon, and jhi the panda but along with the summoning of the great beast a great evil has awakened and its up to these four along with the help of the red cloaks to stop it. So far Conner , meilin, and a new character takoda have gone to the deepest darkest part of the world in search of an ancient evil known as the wyrm an ancient beast that threatens all peace in the world. While above Rollan and Abeke are in search of all the new great beast being summoned


this book is a action and adventure book it involves a race against a clock having only a certain amount of time to complete there quest and around every corner there is something ready to stop them


i liked this book a lot when i began reading the series i was interested about people having a magical bound with different animals but its only a rare occasion when a person gets the chance to summon a spirit animal my favorite part of the book was when in this town called trunswick connor and rollan are put in a prison because of the corrupt king so meilin and abeke get the towns folk to fight and instead of escaping through all the caos the four young heroes stay and help the towns people fight back and i thought that was super heroic


the bond strengthenens each person but ony you can strengthen the bond


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