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Integrity, Diligence, Civility... w/c 30th November 2015


At Dixons Kings, we live by our core values. Integrity is always doing the right thing and keeping true to your moral principles. Diligence is the necessity of giving attention to detail in order to avoid error and overcome obstacles. Finally, Civility is about showing everyone consideration and respect. Our appreciations newsletter celebrates the members of our academy family who exhibit these values and climb the mountain to success. We also champion the family members who, during their climb, have shown themselves to be unique, ambitious and creative.

The Climb... Events @ DKA

Author Steve Tasane's visit to DKA

Today we had a visit from children’s novelist and performance poet Steve Tasane. Steve’s most recent novel, “Nobody Saw No-one,” is a modern take on Oliver Twist, which tracks the chaotic and troubled journeys of Alfi Spar and “Citizen Digit” as they run away from the horrors of a children’s home to the streets of London.

Pupils have been excited about the visit and have been enjoying reading the book, as a result we had four great sessions with performances from Steve, readings from his two novels – “Blood Donors” and “Nobody Saw No-one”

Steve left with a copy of the Periodic Poetry booklet created in the library by our own years 7 & 8. Steve was impressed with the quality of the poetry and said that it is a good example of what is achievable. So that’s a thumbs up for our young poets!

Frank Darnley - Artist and Sculptor

As part of the GCSE Art and Design course, the year 11 students took part in an all day workshop with local artist and sculptor Frank Darnley. The students produced cultural masks from cardboard, these were influenced by research into cultures and patterns, which the students have been working on since September. This was an invaluable experience for them and we feel very privileged to have been given this opportunity.

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Year 11 Scientists

Busy experimenting what temperature amylase works best at...

Parent Information

19 Weeks to go for Year 11 GCSE Exams!

Term Dates

2015 Term 2 Monday 2 November to Friday 18 December 2015

Holiday - Saturday 19 December to Sunday 3 January

2016 Term 3 Monday 4 January to Friday 12 February 2016

Holiday - Saturday 13 February to Sunday 21 February

2016 Term 4 Monday 22 February to Thursday 24 March 2016

Holiday - Friday 25 March to Sunday 10 April

2016 Term 5 Monday 11 April to Friday 27 May 2016

Holiday - Saturday 28 May to to Sunday 5 June

2016 Term 6 Monday 6 June to Friday 22 July 2016

Holiday - Saturday 23 July onwards


Family Members of the week - 30 November 2015:

Year 7

Esa Ahmed – For showing civility during family dining and great effort in History.

Faiza Rani Shafiq – For always being helpful, courteous and showing diligence at all times!

Year 8

Uzayr Ali - Brilliant effort and excellent work produced in lessons.

Dominika Kovacova - Great effort in lessons - on task and enthusiastic.

Year 9

Abu Sufyan Mohammed for his civility at all times

Year 10

Tayyabah Naz – Diligence

Adnan Sabir - Integrity

Year 11

Misbah Zaman and Easaa Boston for their Progress 8 scores, leading Year 11 with scores of +2.08 and +1.87 respectively.


Staff who have been appreciated by students or their colleagues

All faculty members in Computing & Business showing diligence during the Bradford Partnership

Civility - Thank you to Mr. Barnard for using his spare time in setting up the seating plan system for everyone in the faculty

To every single member of the Creative Arts team for putting together the Data, showing diligence throughout the past week and showing Bradford Partnership the true quality of teaching the students are accustomed to daily.

Mr. Kirby - for getting the laptops organised and to lessons on time helping the students with their controlled assessment.

Miss. Gayle - for sharing brilliant resources.

Mr. Jeram – again solving IT issues quickly in 0.09, with a smile.

Ms. Sutton – for being helpful in printing/photocopying when last week was really busy

Miss. Ahmed and Miss. Pandor – for contacting parents in the short space of time given.

Mr. Fieldhouse, Miss. Shah and Miss. Parmar for showing civility by volunteering to supervise Citizenship students hold their fundraising stalls at break.

Miss. Kauser for always sharing resources as well as delicious snacks!

Mrs. Mir for baking two tasty, mouth-watering cakes for all staff to enjoy on Data Day!


English Stars of the Week!

Hasan Mohammed Choudry (year 10) for highest mark in poetry essay.

MFL Stars of the Week!

Dominika Kovacova Year 8 - Great effort in lessons - on task and enthusiastic.

Miss Bowley - Henna Adrahis in year 7 for her diligence shown in her homework. She has quadrupled her vocabulary test scores in a short space of time.

Miss. Evans – Adeel Ayaz in year 10 for his diligence show in his controlled assessment work.

Humanities Stars of the Week!

Awais Nawaz for showing diligence in his geography controlled assessment, as a result of this he has made the most progress on this in his year group. - Mr Goodrum


Well done to all students who have held a stall so far for the diligence they have shown and for being very charitable in buying all the items themselves! This is to help refugees and their commitment is excellent and admirable- keep it up!

Ahsan Iqbal - for being very proactive in raising money showing excellent participation and organisation skills. He also helped another team with their fundraising- well done!


Year 11

Sunehra Mahmood and Hunmairah Saddiq - for being brilliant PEEL experts as shown in their most recent homework.

Misbah Bibi and Rizwan Khan - for showing diligence by voluntarily staying after school to complete an intervention exam to find out what their knowledge is like in a specific topic in RE.

Eesa Boston - for showing integrity by coming to catch up with missed work so he does not fall behind.

Year 10

Haseeb ul-Hassan -for working hard continuously and completing extra homework tasks to improve and build upon his progress in RE.

Year 9

Falaq Amin, Sahiba Sajjad and Rahid Khan - for coming in their own time to catch up with missed work showing excellent integrity and diligence.

Year 8

Itizaz Khan for his focus in lessons and enthusiasm in wanting to do well and also showing civility when working with peers.

Year 7

Zara Mahmood for completing extra revision at home to ensure learning in lesson is reviewed and revisited to do very well in RE. Extra research was also completed showing an interest in her learning and excellent diligence.

Creative Arts Stars of the Week

Miss Bland - 11A Art

Computing Star of Cycle 1

Well done to Aroosa Ahmed in Year 10 for being the Cycle 1 Computing star. She is currently studying GCSE ICT in year 10 and so far the work produced for her coursework indicates that she is on track to achieve A*. She has always shown diligence & integrity in her lessons, is always helpful and shows Civility to her peers when giving feedback on the work produced. Well done again and keep up the hard work. We are confident come summer 2017, you will be achieving the GCSE grade you deserve. Enjoy your reward!.

Two Claps on Three!

To show our appreciation, we give our family members 'two claps on three'. Here are year 7 demonstrating it!

Family Dining

We are very proud that our year 7 students dine together every day. Family dining gives students a chance to demonstrate integrity, diligence and civility while eating together with their tutors. They serve each other; clean up together and get a chance to talk about their journey up the mountain of success!