Ms. Lueders Bulletin

WEEK 9: October 23 - October 27, 2017


Math: The students will be able to give an example of a measurable attribute of a given object, including length, capacity, and weight. Compare two objects with a common measurable attribute to see which object has more of/less of the attribute and describe the difference.

Reading: The students will be able to make connections to their own experiences; identify the difference between a letter and a printed word; recognize syllables in spoken words; use knowledge to match sounds and letters.

Popcorn Word: The popcorn word being introduced this week is the word "go".

Interesting Words: We continue writing our names and doing environmental print.

Writing: Students will form upper and lower case letters legibly. Students will use basic conventions of print (left to right and top to bottom progression). Students will write independently. Students will match sounds to letters. Students will identify high frequency words.

Science: Students will use their five senses to discover how light, heat, and sound are produced.


Monday- Music

Tuesday- P.E.

Wednesday- LOTS

Thursday- P.E.

Friday- LOTS

Library: Every Tuesday we will be going to the Library so please have your child bring their Library book to school so they can get a new book each week.


Parents please work with your child each night for at least 10 minutes to practice writing their names, writing words, how to hold a pencil, and practice how to color in the lines. It would really help your child a lot if they are not only practicing that at school but at home as well.

Please make sure your child is completing their homework assignment for each day. The homework will be due October 27th. Also please keep reading nightly to help your child grow into a life-long reader. Please read with and to your child each night for 15 minutes and record it on their reading log in their agenda.


Oct. 23 - 27: Red Ribbon Week

-Monday: Dress like your future career

-Tuesday: Western Wear

-Wednesday: Rock your sunglasses

-Thursday: Wear College Shirt

-Friday: Wear team or Coker shirt

Oct 27: Art Smart for our class

Oct 27: Report Cards distributed

Nov 1 - 2: Early Dismissal at 12:40/ Parent - Teacher Conferences


  • items for the treasure box (ex. coloring books, unused kid's meal toys, playdough, plastic jewelry, matchbox cars)
  • stamp pads - variety of colors
  • Environmental Print Labels for our word wall


If you haven't done so already, please sign up to receive important classroom information and reminders in the form of one-way text or e-mail messages.

To sign up for text messages, just text @msluede to 81010. To receive messages via email, send an email to