Reason for Deaths of Romeo & Juliet

By: Ethan DuCharme

The Cause...

Romeo and Juliet's family rivalry is to blame for their deaths. This is because they would have never let them get married. So because it was forbidden, they tried to get married behind their parents back. One thing that would defiantly make the Capulet's say no to the marriage is that Romeo killed Tybalt and was sentenced death. Aslo, at the beginning of the story Tybalt is not happy that Romeo is at the party looking at Juliet, so he goes off and complains that Romeo is a Montague and he shouldn't be there. In conclusion, the rivalry between the two families is to blame for Romeo and Juliet's death.

A movie that can relate to this situation...

The movie Hatfield's and McCoy's is a move that can relate to the story of Romeo and Juliet. In this movie, The Hatfield's and McCoy's do not get along at all. A daughter that is from one of the family's and a son from the other family fall in love. This is the same because the two family's totally say no the the marriage.

A poem I wrote that can relate...

Two lovers meet at a party in Rome,
It was her, he thought, that he would take home,

Come meet my family, he said with a grin,

but as soon as they met, it was a love sin,
No, no, no, they shouted out loud,

She dropped on the floor, like rain from a cloud,

I could not be with you,

Because you're a Montague,

Soon again I know we shall meet,

But in another life, where our hearts do not beat.

Explanation: Two lovers meet and they think they are in love, so the boy takes the girl to his family, just to find out that their love was forbidden. Also, I say Montague just to relate to the story, I did not think they were in Rome.