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District Provides Update on COVID Protocols - Visits to Campuses Limited Until Further Notice

Dear Lake Travis ISD Staff, Parents and Guardians,

As you may already know, COVID cases in our area continue to surge, resulting in Austin Public Health (APH) raising its Risk-Based Guidelines to Stage 5 on January 6. Since then, we have received guidance and updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), APH, and the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

The update from TEA does not change current requirements as it pertains to in-person instruction. Our schools must remain open, and we are not approved to provide remote learning districtwide. TEA’s guidance also indicates that districts cannot require staff or students to wear face coverings as per the Governor’s Executive Order (GA-38). However, we strongly encourage mask wearing while inside district facilities.

We will continue to prioritize safety for sustaining in-person learning and working environments by following our current protocols with one change as it pertains to visitors. We will suspend having visitors on campus during the school day with the exception of volunteers, scheduled parent meetings, or as otherwise approved by the school. We will reevaluate allowing visitors on campus as conditions in our community improve.

As I shared in a previous email, we began the installation of air disinfection devices at each campus and department during the holiday break. I am happy to report we have placed 171 units in front office receptionist areas, cafeterias, hallways, weight and locker rooms, all nurse’s rooms and various other locations districtwide. The units reduce pathogens that lead to COVID, colds, the common flu, and even gastrointestinal illness, and they also help reduce dust, mold spores, and pollen that trigger asthma and allergies. We are awaiting the delivery of additional units which will be installed in other locations throughout the District.

I strongly urge that you and your family continue to take all precautions to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Anyone who is sick or has COVID-related symptoms must stay home until reentry requirements are met. We will continue to monitor local conditions and provide protocol updates as needed. Your continued support is appreciated.


Paul Norton

Superintendent of Schools

January is LTISD School Board Recognition Month!

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Tigers Learn More about the LTISD Board of Trustees

This month is LTISD School Board Recognition Month, and our Tigers will have an opportunity to learn more about our school Board of Trustees and to thank them for their support and service to our school.

Our LTISD School Board of Trustees pictured above are: John Aoueille, President; Bob Dorsett, Jr., Vice President; Lauren White, Secretary; William Beard; Phillip Davis, Ph.D.; Kim Flasch; and Jessica Putonti.

We appreciate the time and effort our Board of Trustees dedicate to our schools.

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Be on the Lookout for LTISD Bus Transportation Updates

One might think that our school bus drivers would be immune to anything and everything that could be thrown their way, BUT, from time to time, LTISD bus drivers do need to take a sick day, and at this time the District is not always able to provide a substitute bus driver quickly enough to cover the route.

As a result, there are times when SMARTTag and/or LTISD will notify parents that bus service could be delayed or that bus service for a particular route is canceled. Even though the disruption to service happens very infrequently, it's still an inconvenience when it happens to you and your Tiger(s.) We apologize.

Please be sure to pay close attention to SMARTTag and/or LTISD transportation alerts and updates so that you will know if/when disruption to your service has occurred.

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In Observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day -- no school on Monday, January 17, 2022.

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New Book Box Added to WCHE Garden

The WCHE garden just keeps getting better and better.

Our fabulous PTO, always supporting Tiger learning, purchased interesting and informative gardening books last year so that Tigers could learn more about gardening and plants. This year, they installed a book box in our WCHE garden so that these gardening books can be housed in the garden and, therefore, more easily accessed and utilized while students are learning in their outdoor garden classroom.

Thank you, McDaniel family, for your extra efforts to add this new and important feature to our garden learning center. Thank you, PTO, for your continuing support of our Tigers!

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Mrs. Eilers' Kindergarten Tigers Put Our Garden Book Box to Good Use!

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Contact us here about the Wall of Fame for Shoe Tying

Come and Embrace the Noise! Apply to be On Team Tiger Today!

We are looking for more people to join our staff of caring professionals. Our campus-wide theme for this year is "Embrace the Noise," and we are seeking people, maybe like YOU, who would like to come and make some "noise" with us.

We are accepting applications for Instructional Special Education Aides and for a crossing guard. Prior experience is not required. The Lake Travis Independent School District happily provides training for its employees.

If you would like to learn more about the rewarding positions that we have available right here in your neighborhood school, click here.

Reserve your 2021-2022 WCHE Tiger Yearbook Here

Reserve your yearbook online @ Balfour or by phone at 1-800-944-5930. The purchase price is $35 plus a $1 handling fee. Pride lines and personalization options are also available for purchase.

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Class and Spring Individual Pictures to be Taken Thursday, February 10

Yes, it's already time for Spring Picture Day! Our classroom group photos and students' individual Spring photos will be taken by Lifetouch on Thursday, February 10. More information about the upcoming picture day will be available soon.

Tigers Celebrate Valentines Day with Classroom Parties on Friday, February 11

Love is in the air....and it's party time! Our Tiger classroom Valentine parties will be held Friday, February 11. The times of the class parties are shown below. If you wish to volunteer or attend, please be sure to RSVP with our school Receptionist, Mrs. Michelle Harper, so that she can have your security badge ready for you for speedy security check-in.

Visitors and volunteers cannot enter our building without first obtaining a security badge. If your photo ID has already been scanned into our security system this school year:

  • we recommend that you RSVP by February 10, or
  • you can obtain your badge at one of our security check-in kiosks.

All others will need to bring a photo ID so that your security badge can be issued by the Receptionist upon your arrival.

Please park in our school parking lots. If the lots are full, parallel parking is permitted along Cypress Ranch Blvd., on the pavement, next to the curb. Please do not park on any of the medians or grassy areas. Thanks! And, welcome to our parties!

Kindergarten........12:30 - 1:00

1st Grade.............12:00 - 12:30

2nd Grade..............1:30 - 2:00

3rd Grade...............1:00 - 1:30

4th Grade..............11:30 - 12:00

5th Grade............. 11:00 - 11:30

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Upcoming Events

01/01 - 01/31/22.....LTISD School Board Recognition Month

01/13/22.................LTCL Bookmobile Comes to WCH Amenity Center 3 - 4 pm

01/17/22.................Student & Staff Holiday Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

01/24 - 01/28/22.....Holocaust Remembrance

01/27/22.................LTCL Bookmobile Comes to WCH Amenity Center 3 - 4 pm

02/01 - 02/28/22.....Celebrating Black History Month

02/04/22.................Celebrating the 100th Day of School!

02/10/22.................Class and Spring Picture Day!!!!

02/10/22.................LTCL Bookmobile Comes to WCH Amenity Center 3 - 4 pm

02/07 - 02/11/22.....National School Counselors' Week

02/11/22.................Classroom Valentine Party Day! RSVP to Volunteer

02/17 - 02/21/22.....No School for Tigers! Staff Professional Development Days

02/22/22.................Tigers Return to School 7:40 am

02/24/22.................PTO General Assembly in the Cafeteria 9:00 - 10 am