BEAST HAL Services News


Important End-of-Year Survey

Please fill out the final survey of the year. CLICK HERE!

This will provide important information about ideas for next year and provide feedback from this year.

Upcoming Seminars

May 12 - Seminar for Juniors - Making the most of your Senior year! To sign up, CLICK HERE!

Freshman Visitations!

Mr. Bossman, Mrs. Kinen, and Mrs. Sailors are finishing up with our meetings with each of you individually to ensure that we are able to help each of you maximize your potential in high school. We are gathering information about how each of you learn, your interests, strengths, and possible instructional modifications that will work for each of you that we can share with teachers to help you through your years in high school.

GPS Services

Most GPS periods can be spent with Mrs. Sailors and Mr. Bossman in D-19. If you would like a pass, find one of us and let us know what you are going to work on and come to our environment! Finals are coming soon! Feel free to use us as a resource to help you study!

High-Ability Learners at Bellevue East High School

Giftedness is that precious endowment of potentially outstanding abilities which allows a person to interact with her or his environment with remarkably high levels of achievement and creativity.