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Gel Fireplaces and Stoves

The newest option in fireplace and stove design is gel fuel. Gel fuel is the same fuel that is used to heat buffet trays. These fireplaces are vent free, easy to install, easy to move and do not require venting. They are also portable and could be used where natural gas or propane is not available. Gel fireplaces and stoves also have the option of hearing a pop and snap mimicking a real fire with specially designed features that create a wood burning fire sound when heated.

Easy to Install

Vent free gel fireplaces are easy to assemble and install. Most fireplaces are fully assembled or take less than an hour to be ready for the first fire. Because they are usually vent free, no chimney or vent needs to be cut into the wall, making gel fireplaces perfect for temporary applications. The fireplaces require zero clearance and no special fireproof walls or floors. No special skills are required for assembling fireplaces. If you want the look of a stove, pre-assembled gel stoves have a realistic look and a wide choice of colors. Follow the instructions included with the stove for any clearance requirements from furniture or flammable fabrics or walls.

Easy to move

The fireplaces require zero clearance and no special fireproof walls or floors. If you change your mind about your decorating options, the fireplace is movable to another free wall. Because there are no chimneys, vents or pipes, moving the fireplace or stove is as easy as moving a bookshelf. No pipes or vents are needed. Gel stoves also are movable with the same ease as gel fireplaces. If you change addresses, the gel fireplace is easy to pack and move from one location to another.

No Venting

Because gel fireplaces and stoves are clean burning and produce no odor, they do not require chimneys or vents. Also, because they use a gel canister, they are perfect for occasional use. Because gel flames are not permanently installed, the need for room venting is potentially less than with gas vent free options. Check with your local codes, or building restrictions before purchasing.

Gel fuel fireplaces give the look and feel of a real fire, because a real flame is used. In addition, gel fireplaces and stoves produce extra heat for those times a room needs extra heat. Stoves powered by gel fuel also add an attractive option for designing a centerpiece for a library, bedroom or office. The main disadvantage of gel fuel is in cost. Because gel fuel is not as widely used, finding stores that carry gel may require a little additional research. Gel fireplaces and stoves do not require natural gas or propane. No plumbing connections are needed, simplifying installation. A gel fuel fireplace or stove is perfect for the occasional fire, making the added expense of the fuel to be less of a challenge. If you plan on using your fireplace or stove more frequently, you may want to consider other options for fuel.

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