No Teacher Left Behind

Keeping Our Teachers Educated!

Consistent Learning Opportunities

Teacher need to have access to consistent learning opportunities. Every School district should provide a minimum of 2 Teacher Training Workshops to allow teachers the opportunity to talk with other teachers from other schools and learn how other classrooms might be running

Yearly reviews for teachers are important so that teachers are able to identify their weaknesses and take trainings to help improve those weaknesses.

Schools can also provide a teacher training board in staff rooms for teachers to have access to flyers providing information about possible upcoming trainings in their area.

State Training Standards for Teachers

The state of Washington requires that every early childhood educator go through a minimum of 10 hours of training every year. Accredited early childhood education institutions will require a minimum of 20 hours of training each year.

At the very least, having a minimum number of hours obtained each year that are specific for their age groups should be a requirement throughout the whole country for all school and areas of education.

Tranings are always inspiring and motivating!

ISTE Standards. Are Teachers Prepared?

I don't think that teachers are fully ready or fully understand the ISTE Standards.

Districts need to provide more training to every teacher and make sure they have a good understanding of HOW to implement them within their curriculums.

Knowing HOW is more important that knowing WHAT.