Stress Managment

Everything about stress

Definition of stress

A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances


1.Teens stress over things that have to do with school. Such as their grades and test. 2.They also stress on parents and their family. Some of these examples are their expectations, their pressure to do well and not achieving what you need to get done. 3.Another is their social life, they have stress over Friends/ piers their relationships if they even have one. And they also stress over their extracurricular such as sports, marathons and many more. 4. They also have to worry about time for anything like deadlines, lack of sleep, being unprepared and that theirs too much going om

10 positive ways to manage stress

Listen to music, Call a friend, Talk your self through it, Eat right, Laugh it off, Try drinking tea, Be mindful, Exercise even for a minute, Sleep better, Learn more about stress relief, breathe easy,

10 negative ways to manege stress

smoking, drinking too, overeating and under eating, zoning out on the TV/ computer, withdraw from friends/ family/ activities, using pills or drugs to relax, sleeping too much, procrastinating, avoid facing problems, taking stress out on others

10 effects of stress

Cant sleep, Depression, Heart attack, Pounding heart, Headache, Rapid breathing, Not in the mood

4 facts on teen stress

Teens would be really depressed, Self harm/ suicides, Cheating, Schools are really high on stress for teens