Digital Citizenship Project

Reagyn T Period 6

Rule#1: Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette means something like, Pause Before You Post. It means if it is rude and not helpful then don't post it.

Rule#2: Information Privacy

Information Privacy means that it is going to private and if you see an ad pop up you should never click on it because it could ask for your personal information but you might really want that prize but if you put in your personal information they can spam or even worse control your computer. Never give away your personal information!

Rule#3: Social Networking

Social Networking is if you have maybe an Instagram account and you need a profile picture, and you take a picture of yourself you need to make sure it is appropriate because if it is not it could ruin your job if you have one or even preventing you to go to college. Do not make an inappropriate photo because it could ruin your life.

Rule#4: Online Safety

Online Safety is when you want to be safe on the internet. Don't give away your personal information like if you are making an account then don't put in your name or phone number, or your friends name. Get your parents involved. Also don't give your passwords away. Keep your personal info to yourself and parents.

Rule#5: Cyberbully

Cyberbully's are people who bully you over the internet. If you are mean over the internet your are being a cyberbully. Lets say you are in a fight with your friends and you are still mad when you get home and then you post something mean over the internet about that someone you are in a fight with and then you post something mean that is called cyber bullying.

Rule#6: Plagiarism

Plagiarism is when someone is writing down the same exact thing from a book or the internet. Say you have to write a report and you copy and past from the internet and put it on your report that is called plagiarism. You can get arrested for plagiarizing from the internet.

Rule#7: Copyright

Copyrighting is when you take a picture and post it on the internet and then you say you can't copy and past this picture. that is copyrighting. when you don't want someone to copy you. Same with movies, if they don't want you to copy it then you should not copy it. If you still copy it you could get sent to court and you could even have to pay a fine for copyrighting. You should not copyright something unless you have permission.

Why we use Digital Citizenship

Why we use digital citizenship is because it is important to be safe online. You don't know what can pop up on your screen that can trick you and get you in a dangerous spot. Digital citizenship is all about being safe and not clicking on any ads without an adult with you to make the choice if it is safe or if it is not safe.