Don't daydream!

Doodling will help

Doodling put to the test.

A new study says that doodling may help people's brains from wandering into space. Testing on this theory was done by University of Plymouth professor, Jackie Andrade. A group of 40 people were separated into two groups. One of groups was put in a room and was asked to shade in a series of shapes while listening to a long voice mail. The other group was asked to just sit there and listen to the message. Each of the members had to write down each and every name mentioned in the voice mail. The final results showed that doodlers absolutely swept the non-doodlers.


Concentration: the ability to give your attention or thought to a single object or activity.
Sometimes you may find yourself drifting off in class, only to find yourself at the end of class not remembering any of the days lesson. Doodling will help this. Doodling is sought to enhance your concentration. Some studies suggest that doodling takes up just enough attention to keep the brain from wandering further off. Doodling forces your brain to use just enough energy to stop it from daydreaming but not so much that you won't pay attention.

Next Time You're in Class

So next time you're in class, being to draw your favorite things. No one ever thought that art class can turn into math class in one click of the pen. Maybe in the future this theory will be put to good use in a more efficient way for some students struggling with attention disorders.