The new car safety for me!

The L-Key

The L-Key is a new form to keep your car safe. All you have to do is connect your new L-Key with our app and input your fingerprint on to the L-Key when the app tells you then attach the plastic mold around your car key and you are ready to go.

Our Company

Our company had started after seeing the amazement of the industrial revolution and the great Samuel Slater who created the entire factory system. Now we offer the best new safety for your precious car. Our prototype ----->

Our company today

Today we have a small factory off the coast of Oregon with only 225 workers. We mainly use 3D printers to create the product and we are now developing an app to connect with your L-Key to create a more user friendly interface. Now we have a sale for %15 off with a 2 year warranty, so get yours while they last! Is your product broken?, well then you can either send your L-key back to our factory and get a new one within the 2 year warranty or you can order new interchangeable parts for an additional fee.

About us

We started after seeing what great things James Monroe did for our country we started to think our product had the potential to create a new way to keep your belongings safe. It started with my brothers friends making 3D drawings of the product and printing them and then we started putting it into testing, we had made over 24 prototypes when we had the final product. It took over 3 months but we didn't give up! We can only hope with your help our product will be as well know as the American system and Henry Clay.


We ship across the world, US shipments should only take 3-5 days by Fedex mail. We hope we can eventually spread this across the countries in as many retailers as possible just as they did during the industrial revolution by the erie canal.


You can now pick an L-Key from our website or specific retailers for $35 for one or $85 for 4, you can also help our company our by donating a small amount to help production going. So run over to your retailer right now and pick one up for only $35 and get a lanyard free to make your life happier and your car safer!