The Sacrafice

Charlie Higson

The enemy is closer than you think

about the book

The Sacrifice is a 487 page first person action packed book about kids trying to survive a disease that turns anyone over the age of 16 into a mindless zombie with taste for children! The book takes place in London. The theme of this book is to always watch your back and never let your guard down.


A year after the disease began to spread, Small Sam and the Kid have been living in the tower of London for a few weeks. One day during breakfast some guards spot a bunch of kids being chased into a pub by a group of sickos. Ed and a few other kids head to the pub, and rescue a 14 year old girl named Tish who was wearing all green clothes. Tish is put in the same bunk house as Sam and the Kid. She convinces them that Jordan, the leader of the tower kids, is trying to imprison Sam there forever. They plan to escape to Buckingham Palace and do so successfully, but then they get chased by sickos and are rescued by kids all wearing green like Tish. Ed sends out a search party in hope of finding Sam. They make their way to the houses of parliament with Nicola. Meanwhile, shadowman has tracked the fear an army of sickos, and learned more about them. Sam gets taken to St. Paul's Cathedral and is imprisoned by kids who think they are gods. The crazy kids sacrifice the kid to Wormwood the smart sicko, although the kid convinces Wormwood not to eat him. Ed's group makes it to St. Paul's and rescue Sam. Ed's group along with Sam are surrounded by a mob of sickos. While they are running they find the kid and Wormwood. Wormwood communicates with the sickos telepathically so they can escape. Shadowman watches another group of kids get slaughtered by the fear. He goes to help one kid he thinks might still be alive, but he is wrong and gets chased by a group of sickos. He is badly wounded and is saved by Ed's group. Shadowman takes them to his hideout and reveals his real name, Dylan Peake. The book ends with Jorden declaring he will clear London after being informed about Ed's journey.
The tower of London was the home for Ed and many other survivors.
Ed's group leaving St. Paul's cathedral.
I often have my brother trying to prank me so I can never be too careful. I can never take my eyes off him without worrying he is going to hit me with a water balloon or lock me out of my phone. I'm also a goalie on my hockey team. If I take my eyes of the puck someone could score on me. This is why I try not ever let my guard down.