The 2A Express

The Weekly Roundup

The Second Week Is Down!

Hello there everyone.

Well, the second week has come to an end.

As the days go by I can see that the students are becoming more relaxed with their surroundings and are beginning to find a rhythm in their classroom and the subjects they are attending.

The classroom atmosphere is one of enjoyment and fun. Hopefully this will remain when we start looking deeper into our units of learning!

A big thank you to all the parents that took the time to attend yesterday evening's Parent Information evening or more fondly known as 'Back to School Night'. I know that it can make an evening even longer after coming from work. If you could not make it last night, that is fine. I understand the pressures of families and work. However, if you are interested in what was presented please check the slides attached to this newsletter, and if you were there and would like to go through the presentation again, please do so!

A few things to take note of is the new dismissal procedure beginning on Sunday and Second Grade MAP testing beginning next week.

So, please take the time to look through the bulletin, click on the images of your children engaged in learning and feel free to contact me with any queries or issues that may arise.

The Second Week

So Far So Good...

This week has been all about tapping into the strategies and learning that had taken place in Grade One.

Allowing the students to relearn forgotten Math, Reading and Writing strategies is a very important part in crossing the bridge into Second Grade. Parallel to this is also starting to build a strong foundation as a community and what steps we will need to take to become successful in the many areas of learning.

Parent Information Evening Slides

The Subjects


During the second week we have continued to review our addition and subtraction facts to ten and twenty with a specific focus on how we can use these strategies to help us solve problems with numbers greater than 20. Students have been using a variety of manipulatives to help them solve equations and word problems.

Next week you will receive a letter home outlining the next unit in Math - Measurement.

Please keep this as a reference.

Reader's Workshop

This week sees the students continue to build upon their reading stamina, selecting 'Just Right' books and try new strategies when reading.

We are also taking the time to add Post It notes to the pages of our just right books when the voice of the book changes (For example: happy, worried, sad and back to happy at the conclusion of the story), when we come across tricky words, favorite illustrations or parts of the book that we like, and identifying main events in the story.

These Post It notes are great for recording the student's thoughts about the book that they are reading, it is also a great way to ensure that there is something to share with their reading partner near the end of the workshop.

Next week, Reading Kids A-Z passwords will be issued and the students of 2A will be a part of a special bootcamp on how to access their reading libraries.

Writer's Workshop

In Writer's Workshop we have continued to craft our personal narratives, looking more closely at what is a small moment.

We are becoming more confident in looking at the big story and taking only one moment out of it and writing about this. For instance, the big idea is going to a museum and seeing many wonderful exhibits. However, the most interesting moment was looking at statues. From this point of the story we discuss which statue was the most interesting. From here we craft the small moment, not discussing the entry into the museum, but seconds before they stood in front of the statue.

With this small moment we are beginning to stretch the moment by adding details (adjectives) and share with the reader how we felt and what we were thinking.

Social Studies

2A continues it's exploration of what makes a community strong, this week looking particularly at their home and classroom community.

We have discussed what roles we play in each community and the rights and responsibilities we have as civilians and members of each community. We know citizens in communities need to be fair and help each other. We are beginning to role play some scenarios where citizens might disagree. By looking for conflict stoppers we can use these in real life.

Next week we look at our wider ASD community and we begin our role plays of behaviors that support strong communities. It should be interesting to see!

Things To Know:

New Dismissal Procedure

Beginning on Sunday 13th of September there will be a new dismissal procedure for elementary students.

Gate Five will no longer be the point of pick up from this day. The new pickup zone will be in the cafeteria.

Upon arrival at Gate Five you will be directed along the new route by security to the cafeteria. Grade Two will be at the far end of the cafeteria hall waiting for parents and caregivers to arrive.

This new dismissal procedure has been put into place for a number of reasons. The main reasons being that Gate Five will be under construction in the future and that the cafeteria is an air conditioned building, so that your children don't melt in the heat.

Please be aware that there will be a few teething problems early on in the procedure but these will be ironed out as the week progresses.

Grade Two MAP Testing

Grade two students will be taking the MAP – Measure of Academic Progress standardized tests in Language Arts and Math next week of September 13th – 16th.

All students in grade two will be tested. Data provided from MAP testing assists teachers to determine your child’s instructional level and to measure academic growth throughout the school year (and from year to year) in the areas of Mathematics and Language Arts.

Your child will take the tests on a computer. These tests are unique in that they adapt to be appropriate to your child’s level of learning.

Click on the link below to take a tour through the MAP test. This is a run through of the type of questions your child will be asked, the layout of the software and a few hints and tips in regarding the manipulation of onscreen manpulatives.

Parent & Counselors Coffee Afternoon

Transitions happen every day in your child’s world.

Starting a new school or grade level, moving to a new house or saying goodbye to a friend are all examples of transitions that can cause your child angst.

Join the Elementary School Counselors on Monday September 14th at 1:45pm - 3:00pm in the Elementary Cafeteria as we explore ways to help children transition more smoothly.

Arab Mothers Association Fundraising Activities

The Arab Mothers Association fundraisers will be hosted every second Thursday of each month.

Parent Counselors Coffee Afternoon

Monday, Sep. 14th, 1:45-3pm

Al Bustan Street

Doha, Doha

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

ES Wellbeing Awareness Week: 13th - 17th September

Sunday, Sep. 13th, 8am to Thursday, Sep. 17th, 3pm

Al Bustan Street

Doha, Doha

This is a great week where students are shown the many ways that they can take care of their physical, mental, emotional and social needs.