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11/9/15 - 11/15/15

Black Beard's Birthdays of the Week

11/10 - Jailyn Agins

11/11 - Xavier Delouche

11/14 - Kristen Sacta

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  • Tips on teaching Responsibility (Asset #30)

    • Start Young
      You can't suddenly spring responsibility on a teenager and expect he will know how to follow through. Let them do things for themselves early. Think: toddler.
    • Let Them Help You
      Don't grumble and mope when it's time to do housework. Smile and invite your son to help (even if he makes the job take longer). It's team work and precious time with your child. "When your child is invited to participate, he feels valued," says Dr. Ruskin. "He will take these good feelings and learn to take ownership of his home and feel pride in maintaining it."

    • Show Kids the Way
      First, you can demonstrate how to complete small tasks.

      Make responsibilities age-appropriate and even use the word "responsibility," says Dr. Barzvi. To them it sounds grown-up and important!

    • Model Responsibility
      And talk about it. Banish a tableful of dirty breakfast dishes with the line: "Now we put our plate in the sink," as the meal ends. Use the same inclusive "we" phrases over and over to show how you can easily solve problems.

    • Praise Them
      Kids love to help. They want to help. To them, chores don't feel like work. Keep up positive vibes by offering specific praises for actions. "You hung your coat on the hook and I'm proud of you!" Or, "Thank you for emptying the garbage in your room!"

      Children will develop a sense of ownership for any repeated action.

    • Manage Your Expectations
      When you ask a five-year-old to make her bed, it may still be lopsided. Don't criticize. Recognize a job well done. The next time you make your own bed, show her how you do it.

    • Provide Structure and Routine
      Kids thrive on order. Set up a morning routine with a positive end result. Your son must brush his teeth, eat breakfast and get dressed before watching TV. (Notice TV is not being offered as a reward -- it's just the result of finishing the routine.)

    • Teach Consequences
      To get your son to clean up after an art project, inform him that he won't be able to play with his crayons and scissors until the next day if he leaves a messy table. Then you need to follow though and take away his supplies if he shirks his responsibility.

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    Events of the High Seas


    11/9 - 12/11 - Canned Food Drive

    11/16 - 3:45 pm PTO Meeting

    11/18 - Muffins with Moms

    11/20 - 2:00 pm 1st Quarter Awards Program

    11/20 - Last day for 4th/5th grade Intramural Basketball permission slips.

    11/23-27 - Thanksgiving Break - No school

    Frank Nicholas Annual Canned Food Drive

    Join us in the spirit of giving by sending non-perishable foods and/or paper products. We will be collecting items starting Nov. 9th through Dec. 11th. The grade level with the most items receives a hot chocolate and movie party.

    It's Time for Hoops!

    4th and 5th grade intramural basketball

    It's time for another exciting season of elementary basketball. The permission slips for intramural basketball have been distributed at each of the elementary buildings with the details of the basketball program. The focus of the program will continue to be to help students build necessary assets to promote life-long learning and healthy life styles,

    to provide students with an opportunity to compete in an environment where sportsmanship is paramount, and to teach basic basketball fundamentals. All students who wish to play must have their permission slips in by November 20th. Students will not be permitted to play if their permission slip is not received by November 20th. Each elementary will set their practice schedules and times based on the availability of their gymnasium.

    Any questions or concerns please contact

    Dorian L. Glover (937) 859-5121 ext 2200 or Christopher Mobley at (937) 681-6068


    Corbeil - Maxwell Breehne

    Gordon - Patience Oliver

    Druffel - Nevaeh Weddle

    Siler - Shelby Guntle

    Reumann/Vikan - Mason Bayer

    Cripps - Brighton Cornette

    Whitaker - Rian Roberts

    Teemer - Ellie Baker

    Fiorentini - Brian Sinks

    Shockey - Shawn King

    Feola - Shyla Fowler

    Veterans' Day

    Here's what's going on in our classrooms!

    Go Dayton Flyers!

    Frank Nicholas Elementary had a great time cheering on the Lady Flyers at UD Arena. The girls powered through and won the game in the end. Thanks for having us, University of Dayton!