Student Led Conferences

8th Grad Computer Lit

Osage Trail Middle School

i am currently in 8th grade. Some classes I like are Math, Science, English, and Computer Literacy. The classes I don't like are gym, and social studies. I don't like gym very much because there are people who are rude to me when I don't do my best. I don't like social studies because it's just not really my favorite subject and sometimes I don't do very well.

My family and friends

My family is my mom, my brother, my other brother, my grandpa. I have 2 pets they and they are a cat and a dog named Miko. Everybody that comes into our house and meets our family usually ends up saying that they really like our family or they feel safe coming to our house. My mom is really nice and she is very caring and I wouldn't ever ask for a different mother because she is always doing her best to take care of us and that is good enough for me. I have a couple of really good friends and we are really close right now and we are there for each other when something goes down or they just need someone.

My hobbies/interests

Some of my hobbies are reading, crocheting, and sleeping. Some bands that I am interested in are Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, New Kids on the Block, Incubus, and The Beatles. One of my favorite movies is called Help and this movie has the Beatles in it and the title Help is one of the Beatles songs and it is sung in the movie.
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My grades

My grades right now aren't the best but they will be getting better in the next couple of days or so. But my grades right now before they get changed are 2 Fs and a B- but the Fs are in math and science but I just turned in some assignments that should bring my grade up in a couple of days.