Team Myers

September 2014

This is busiest selling & recruiting season of the YEAR!!

Fall is in full swing ladies, Summer has ended and life is settling into a chaotic more scheduled pace. Children are back in school and mom's are ready to party and earn FREE products! Have you contacted your child's Extracurricular activities coordinator to ask if they could use an extra $1000 for those much needed supplies and/or gear? Fundraising is a great way to branch out, help your local groups or teams and grow your business!! The possibilities are endless!!

Can you believe The holidays are three months away? Be sure you are asking everyone you come in contact with to host a party to earn FREE gifts! Giving your family a great Christmas on Thirty-One is a pretty great opportunity as well! Be sure you are offering this opportunity at every chance!!

Our business is ALWAYS based on the basics: BOOK, SELL& RECRUIT. You and only you are in control of your calendar. You will see a team training soon on 2-10-1 which is our basic formula for success. I am working on this currently and hope to have it out shortly.

Craft Fairs are a great exposure to your business. If you hear of a local event that is fairly cheap you may want to consider booking a table to help you gain exposure to a new circle. I am always on the lookout for such events, but knowing the coordinator or being active in your child's school or activities can help you find them sooner.

Our Facebook Team Page is growing quickly and a lot of helpful tips and encouragement are posted there! You are all a great resource for one another!! Please use this page to share ideas and ask questions!!

I am available for 1:1 coaching calls and would love to help you reach your goals!! Let me know if you'd like to schedule a time to chat!!

Fall Business Builders

FALL for US Opportunity Incentive Ends September 30th

When a new Consultant joins your team during the incentive, SHE'LL EARN A FREE MEDIUM UTILITY TOTE when she reaches StartSwell Level 1 ($600 in Personal Volume in days 1-30).* New recruits can also earn a FULL $99 REBATE on their Enrollment Kit when they reach both StartSwell Levels 1 & 2!

Celebrate & Connect

I am excited to host October's Celebrate & Connect Meeting!! Lots of awesome information is coming your way!! Be sure to attend the meeting you registered for!! This is a great way to connect with your fellow 31 sisters and celebrate, encourage and reward them!!

Registration ends September 18th

Team Member Spotlight

Emily Sutton, Consultant Suffolk

Est. December, 2013

I live in Suffolk but grew up in the western branch area. I meet my soulmate at the very young age of 15. We got married one month after I graduated high school. We were married for 6 years before we had our first child Wesley and then 22 months later our daughter Madison arrived. I have worked at CHKD since 2000. I love working with the kids and my Why for thirty-one is to make extra money. Haven't ever really had extra money to do whatever I want with and now I do.