The New York Bulletin



It is a known fact that New York is over crowded and that because of this many people live in apartments . As New Yorker's we are always busy minding our own business to pay attention to what our neighbors are doing. It is very easy have a murder pass under our nose.

Luckily there was a resident Mr.L.B Jefferies a professional photographer who had nothing to do but watch out his window after suffering an injury. One day after a loud scream could be heard in the night. It was then when I saw Jeff sitting by his window with a camera, I wondered what he was taking pictures of so late at night. Apparently he witnessed Mr. Thorwald cleaning several butchering instruments, additionally to that Mr Thorwald also was spotted taking various trips in and out of his apartment with his suit case.The next day his wife is supposedly out on a vacation arcording to Jeff's long friend who happened to be a detective. Days pass and one of the neighbors dogs is found murdered, but no one could figure out why. Stella, Lisa and Jeff soon realize that something was burried under thornwalds garden, which the poor pup snooping around in. Whatever was buried under that must have caused thornwald to get nervous is something suspicious, So Mr. Jefferie,Lisa and Stella came up with a plan. Unfortunately they didnt find anything buried but after lisa risked her life and breaks into thornwalds apartment, he assults and almost harmed if it wasn't for the police arriving and arresting Lisa. Thanks to Lisa smart thinking she found Mrs. Thornwald's engagement ring , which married women never take off. They finally come and arrest Mr.Thornwald but the police surprise they see Thornwald suffocating Mr.Jeff at his apartment. They go and rescue Jeff from falling of the ledge and arrest Thornwald.


Feminism in the 1950's

Feminism in the 1950s wasn't about feminist being oppressed about everything you told them, it was about women wanting to be able to be able to have lives other than being housewives. It has been a couple of years after WWII and they've proved that they can work men jobs like working in factories. Femminints now want women to able to go to college