Asta's son WANTED

By: Claire Hood

Crimes committed by Asta's son.

As you may have heard Asta's son had once captured an item from the manor. Some people think that it is a scandal, but if so, why is it going around? It is true! It is unexceptional to steal, and from a manor, the priest would be disappointed. Asta's son also missed prayer. Where was he? He ALSO took wine from the church. Why is he still alive? Should he still be alive? He has done more, but is this not enough for him to be dead or at least thrown in jail.

Cross of lead, Wolves head, & manor

Profit & who to give him to when caught.

The benefit of catching Asta's son is 20 shillings, for only if he is alive, but 15 shillings if he is dead. John Aycliffe would like to kill him himself, but of course we want him dead so if that is what you have to do, do so. Asta's son is a wolves head, which is an outlaw. If you do catch him, bring him to a noble or a knight, that will take him to John Aycliffe. He is wanted for many crimes, we cant have a thief and a disgrace against god running around the town. Catch him bring him to someone of some high power, or kill him if you have to. We all need to hunt him down like serfs when they run out of food.