Berlin Boxing Club

By: Kaleb Sullivan

Author: Robert Sharenow

Genre: Action/adventure

tone: sad


The Berlin Boxing club is about Boxing during the WWII time. Karl Stern (the main character) is a Jew, and works for his father at an art gallery. A German professional Boxer named Max Schmeling comes to the art gallery because he knows Karl's dad Sig. Max then wants to see a painting of himself that an artist had made of him, But Sig says that it is dusty and under other art, but Max's wife says she really wants to see it, so Sig sends down Karl to get the painting. When Max sees the painting he immediately wants to buy it. Sig was very happy that Max wanted to buy it because Sig didn't have much money, but Max doesn't want to pay money. Max wanted to train Karl in Boxing, and Max said "sounds like a fair trade because who wouldn't want Boxing lessons from the best Boxer in the world. Sig didn't like the idea, so he asked Karl if that's what he would want to do, and Karl said yes. That is when Karl started to become a Boxer. The main topic that the author focused on in this book was WWII, and not as much Boxing was put into this book.
If I could ask Karl a question; then I would ask him what happened after he arrived in America. I would ask him this question because in this book Karl gets sent away to america, so he does not get killed by the Nazis, so I asked this question because Karl doesn't know any English, and because he is separated from any family that he truly knows.