This year for the homecoming parade, the elementary school librarians handed out buttons, bookmarks, and library certificates. We had so much fun!

Golden Archer Unit

The Golden Archer Award is given at the primary, intermediate, and middle/junior high levels. There are 5 nominees each year, which have been selected by a committee based on books read by Wisconsin Students.

During library, our K, 1, and 2 students read each book and do an activity to help them remember the book and their favorite parts.

When all 5 titles have been read, students do a quick review, and then vote for the book they feel should win the Golden Archer Award.

For more information, please visit the website.

Golden Archer Nominees

This years nominees are:

The Bad Seed

The Paper Kingdom

Llama Destroys the World

The Panda Problem

The Pigeon Has to Go to School

Below are the book trailers for almost all of this year's Golden Archer Nominees! Unfortunately, there is not a trailer available for The Paper Kingdom but trust me when I say it was soooo good!

Special thank you to the following for providing book trailers:


Dreamscape Media

Penguin Kids

Disney Book Group

THE BAD SEED | Book Trailer | A Bad Seed Gone Good
Llama Destroys the World - Trailer
The Panda Problem by Deborah Underwood | Book Trailer
Does The Pigeon Have to Go to School?


Do you wish you could see more about their book fines?

Are you looking for library books, but your kiddo can't remember what they have checked out?

Do you want to see what books they have on hold?

All of this can be done right from home, on any device!

Simply go to tinyurl.com/destinybooks and have your child log in with their library number for both the username and the password.

In Destiny, click on "My Info" to see their library account information.

In Destiny Discover, click the three lines in the upper left hand corner, choose "My Stuff" and it will display their account information.

If you have any questions, let me or your school librarian know. We are here to help!


Below are a list of books for each building that have been VERY popular:

River Heights: 13 Story Treehouse series, nonfiction gaming books, and anything with animal characters

Oaklawn: Wings of Fire series, holiday books, Playaways, Battle of the Books titles

Wakanda: Elephant and Piggie books, Kingdom of Wrenley series, scary and fantasy books, and for graphic novels The Babysitters Club series, Avatar series, and Dog Man series

Knapp: Naruto series, Roblox books, Babysitters Club graphic novels

Downsville: I Survived series, Origami Books, Bird and Squirrel graphic novels