Things I'm Proud Of

By Amerrah Chapman

Why I'm Proud

The reason why i'm proud because of myself is I feel like I handle my emotions much better. I feel like the things i'm doing differently is i really don't have outburst if someone says something smart to me I'm starting think ahead of if I do this then what will happen in the outcome so i think about my actions before i do them

Future Goal In Life

In the future I want to graduate college I want to be something in life.I wanna grow up and be a cosmetologist or a dance choreographer and have my own studio I find my self with two kids by the age of 23 because I don't wanna have my kids at an old age.


The reason why I love health because I get to learn more things about my hygenine. I get to learn more interesting facts that I never knew like relationships, mental illness, and learning about disorders. I hope to learn more about relationships.


I struggle in fashion. I don't understand certain things like illusions. I thought we would be learning about sewing and clothing. There are a lot of steps to the class. But I am going to try my best and give 99.9% of my effort in fashion.

Social Studies

I don't like the teacher. I don't feel like he understands me and it is his first year teaching. I don't feel like he is not ready for high school. I feel like the units go through the material too quickly and I get confused.


I like math. It is easy. I need to start raising my hand more if I am struggling. I need to turn in more assignments.

Focus Language Arts

I am good in this class and get work done. I need to focus and not distracted more often. Since I have been in this class, I have gotten more organized in my papers, books, and assignments. I have learned how to write paragraphs and assessments.