Technology Update

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Graphic Designer

1. Pen Display Tablet- This device should be considered for many reasons. Ever get tired of having sketch pads all over the place from your random artsy ideas? Well this is where the tablet comes in. Not only is it convenient, but It keeps all your sketches in one place. It can also be used in other ways than art, such as a mouse and track pad. It’s a very convenient tool to pull out in the office, at home, or even on road trips.

2. Laptop- A Laptop would also be useful for graphic designer. There are many places that allow you to buy software. A graphic designer may want to purchase software pertaining to art and designs. They’ll be able to create and edit their designs using this software. They may even consider building their own website. Either way, a laptop would come in handy for these projects.


1. Multi Plane Scanner- The MP6000 multi-plane scanner imager enables cashiers to capture also any 1-D or 2-D barCode in practically any condition with blazing speed - whether it is printed on a paper label, a plastic royalty, gift card, or displayed on the screen of a mobile phone.

2. Computer- In order for a customer to get a rewards card, the cashier would need a computer to type in the customer's information.

Sales Representative

1. Electromagnetic Signature Terminal- This is the ideal signature pad for use at the POS or customer contact point. It captures handwritten signatures. The security is outstanding, as each unit is assigned a unique hardware ID in order to determine the exact unit that was used for a particular signature. It can be utilized for branding, marketing or advertising purposes, making it a valid marketing tool also.

2. Smartphone- The smart phone has many advantages. One in particular, is the app. Smartphones offer many apps that can be used for business. InterCall, for example, makes it possible for participants to quickly join conference calls with the single click of a button. This push-to-talk conferencing feature, Mobile Assistant, is free and available for InterCall customers. InterCall's Mobile Assistant allows workers to meet on the move, safely.

3. Credit Card Reader- Square Reader plugs into the standard 3.5-mm headset jack of a smartphone or tablet. With this credit card reader, you and your customers can make a purchase anywhere without a connection in Offline Mode. It also allows you to send receipts via email or text message, or connect a receipt printer to an iPad. You can personalize your signature screen and receipts with a logo and cover photo. Square Reader is a great option for someone who's always on the move!