What's In A Name?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Team information

Team Name: Pittsburgh Steelers

Location Information:

-United states


- Pittsburgh

- 40.447°N & 80.000°W

-Mid-Atlantic Region

Languages Spoken:

- English

Interesting Facts about Mid-Atlantic Region!

- This region is home to a wise range of ethnic cultural diversity.

-Washington D.C is in this region. Making this region home to the capital of the U.S!

- This region is also, abounds with undisturbed nature - such as mountains and forests.

Physical Features For This Region.

- Coastal beaches

- Glacial Plateaus and Plains

- Barrier islands & Mountains.

Team Mascot Information.

Mascot: Steely Mcbean

Nicknames for team:

The Black and Gold, Blitsburgh, Stillers, and Stihllers.

Connection of Nicknameand the culture of the region:

Blitzburgh in the unofficial language. Of Pittburghese it is known as Pittsburgh.


Established: July 8, 1933

Founder: Arthur (Art) Rooney

Why choose location:

Art Rooney went to University in Pittsburgh.

Mascot connection to the history of the region:

The mascot's name is Steely which has Steel in it for Pittsburgh is a mining city, in its past and present.


Name of Stadium:

Heinz field stadium

Why this name:

H.J. Heinz Company is the facility of Heinz field stadium.

Other name's for the stadium?:


Why is there a shift in naming of stadiums?:

There are more sponsors in one company and there are more companies sponsoring than

plain individuals. Companies have more money than plain individuals.