STGO Beer Olympics Events

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Volume Chug

All team members


1. Each team is given one large container.

2. Fill the container with beer.

3.The clock starts when the first participant beings to chug, the clock stops when all the beer has been finished. Points deducted if there is an 'excessive' amount of beer spilled.

4. Fastest time wins.

Team that finishes with the fastest time with receive 5 points, the next 4 points, 3 points, 2 points, and all the slow teams receive only 1.

Beer Pong

2 people per team


1. 10-cups are positioned with (4-3-2-1 rack).

2. Each team is allowed two members per side.

3. 1 celebrity shot per team, per round.

4. If the ball is bounced into a cup, that cup and another are to be consumed by one team member. If the ball is bounced, it can be swatted. If a player knocks his own cup over on a swat, a penalty is assessed. He/she must chug a cup of beer, and while they're doing that, the opposition gets to shoot until that cup of beer is finished. Regardless of how many cups were hit and by whom, "rollback" rules do not apply during penalty shots.

5. Team "rollbacks" are allowed. Rollbacks occur when team members both hit cups in the same turn.

6. If both players on one side sink the last cup, the game is over.

Teams will be paired at random. The beer pong game will not last more than 10 minutes. Teams will receive one point for every cup made. Each winning team will receive an additional 2 points.

Dizzy Bat

Number of Participants - 1 (+ one extra team member to toss the ball)

Dizzy Bat requires a team member with really good hand-eye coordination. The team member must first chug a large amount of beer. Clock starts when the player begin chugging, he then takes the bat on the ground (as shown) spins around 10 times, stands up into a batting stance, at which point another teammate will soft-toss a ball to him, and the clock stops when the player hits the ball with the bat. Because this is a later event, between the 10 spins and all the alcohol consumed at this point, this is also the event that produces the most hilarious results.


1. If the player doesn't spin around 10 times, then a penalty of one-beer-per-spin-short is assessed.

2. In the interest of time, the clock is stopped at 4 minutes if the player can't hit the ball.

Body Shot/Funnel Relay Race

4 participants per team

For this event, each team needs 4 participants- someone to “hold” the body shot, someone to take the shot off of them, someone to hold the funnel, and another person to actually funnel the beer. You cannot hold your own funnel, there is no "I" in team. The shot holder lays down on a table, and one shot of tequila is poured on to them. Salt is then spread in a line, and a sliced lime is put in their mouth. Before "go" each team is allowed to pour the beer into the funnel. On go, the person funneling has to run to the funnel and get down on a knee, finish his beer, then be “wheel barrowed” to the other side and tag his other partner in, who then runs to the end of the yard, takes, the shot, licks the salt, grabs the lime and then is wheel barrowed back to the finish line fastest time wins.


1. Starting Positions

  • Funneler: Starts at the finish line

  • Funnel holder: Starts on the opposite side

  • Person taking the body shot: Starts at the finish line

  • The shot holder: On the opposite side of the space from the finish line (next to the funnel holder)

2. A point-deduction penalty is assessed if:

  • Any beer is spilled from the funnel

  • Any alcohol is left on the shot holder

3. If any player cannot hold their alcohol for this specific event, that player is disqualified, and the team must finish the Olympics one man down.

Team with the fastest time is awarded 5 points, next 4 points, then 3, then 2, then all the other turtles 1.

Straw Races

Entire Team

A table will be set up with four ice cube trays, each filled with beer. Each team member will be equipped with a straw. When given the signal, the first member of the team will consume all beer in his or her ice cube tray through the straw. When that player is finished, the next player will consume their beer. The event is finished when all beer is consumed. Teams are allowed two tries, with their best time being recorded.

Team with the fastest time is awarded 5 points, next 4 points, then 3, then 2, then all the other turtles 1.

Flip Cup

Flip cup is a relay race. Each team pairs up and fills their cup up half way with beer. At “GO,” the first 2 players at one end of the table begin the race by chugging their beer. Once chugged, they set their cup on the edge of the table and flip it to its rim using one finger. The next player can only begin when the first player has finished and so on. In Beer Olympics, there is one anchor per team. The person who is going last has to chug two cups of beer and successfully flip both cups. Once everyone on the team has been an anchor, that round is considered completed, and the points are tallied up.

Each win means one point.

Extra Points!

Extra points will be awarded for the following:

  • Best shit talking on the Facebook wall prior to the event (Up to 5 points)
  • Best uniforms (Up to 5 points)
  • Seemingly least drunk team at the end of the night via "a police check point" (Up to 5 points)

STGO Beer Olympics at KombiHostel!!!

Saturday, Nov. 23rd, 7:30-11pm

Ernesto Pinto Lagarrigue 160


$10.000 includes beer before and during all Olympic events, a Beer Olympics t-shirt, and a chance at Beer Olympic glory (and prizes).

Limited space is available so email us at to reserve your team's space!