Virginia v The Monitor

Splashy battle of the iron clads

The iron clad

The iron clad is a naval class ship that was made by many diffrent people giving it the diffrent looks. The iron clad was a ship coverd in iron armor. The iron clad would only rise 18 inches above the water making it very hidden.

Iron clad in the civil war

The iron clad was a new ship in the civil war giving a new combat level at sea. The iron clad was a very hard ship to take down because the shots from cannon balls would fall off.

The battle between the C.S.S Virginia and the U.S.S Monitor


The C.S.S Virginia was originally The U.S.S Merrimack. The Merrimack was stolen by confederates and changed the name to The C.S.S Virginia. After this the U.S.S Monitor sailed out to remove the threat. Once the two ships meet there was a fight that continued for hours. Both ships sunk after the battle of James Peninsula The Virginia was ditched by condfederates and the Monitor sunk on bad wheather.

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