Gonzalez Premier Express

Week of January 18, 2016


To become the PREMIER elementary school in Dallas ISD


Our 2B students will lead us during announcements this week. Please, make sure students are familiar with the script and report to the office by 7:58 a.m. I would like to start announcements no later than 8:05 a.m.
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  • MOTIVATE our students to do their very best so that they would not miss the opportunity to be and feel successful.
  • Let's ensure that we are following the procedures shared by Ms. Shelby. We need to be constantly monitoring students so that they are on task actively working on their test; if they are not, please communicate with Ms. Shelby, Mr. Mena, Ms. Edwards or Mr. Cordoba in a timely manner.
  • Be familiar with and implement the accommodations that our Special Education and Bilingual students have during testing; if you don't know, please ask!!!
  • As we review for ACPs, continue to make sure that you are addressing, What students are learning, Why it is important, What mastery looks like, and How to connect it to prior knowledge and their own lives
  • As we use TEKS specific questions, there should be evidence in the implementation of the Lesson Cycle and quality questions, check for understandings, MRSs, while modeling of the expected outcomes.


  • Everyone who provided feedback by completing the District Climate Survey; climate and culture of the workplace supports its effectiveness. Your feedback does matter! As of the last report given, we had 74% completion rate.

  • Ms. Edwards for leading the United Way campaign. Also, thank you to the staff members listed below; your contributions impact our community. We so far have a grand total of $329!
  1. Mrs. Blasingame
  2. Ms. Apilado
  3. Mrs. Thiele
  4. Mr. Salazar
  5. Mr. Crawford
  6. Ms. Edwards
  7. Mrs. Tyler
  8. Ms. Kennard
  9. Mrs. Sandlin
  10. Mrs. Tabarez

  • Ms. Shelby, Ms. Edwards, and Ms. Arango for their leadership and support in setting up the testing logistics for a successful testing environment.
  • Mr. Mena and Ms. Edwards for their leadership and performance during the mid year review meeting. They continue to support the work that you do and represented Gonzalez in a Super Fantastic way.
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Attendance Award

During our Principal of the Year reception, our school received an Attendance Award. We were one of two schools who received the award for achieving the top 2 spots across Dallas ISD for the highest attendance rates in school year 2014 - 2015. There is a correlation between high student attendance and student achievement; it is no surprise that we had impressive student achievement as well. Thank you to each staff member for helping students see the value of being at school every day and making a difference in their lives.


January 18-


January 19-

  • No School
  • Lock Down Drill @8:45
  • Arts Partners PLC
  • K-2 BL Cadre @ Burleson

January 20-

  • RLA/Math Vertical PLC
  • K-2 BL Cadre @ Cuellar

January 21-

  • PLC Focus TBD
  • CILT
  • K-2 BL Cadre @ Anderson
  • Texas Ballet Theater CityDance 3:15-4:15

January 22-

January 23-

  • Saturday School
  • Gonzalez Chess Tournament
  • STAAR Academies


Math Competition Extended until Friday, December 18th


Winners will advance to the district wide STEM Day finals on February 6, 2016.

December 18 deadline set for employees to acknowledge notification of district policies

Human Capital Management reminds all employees to log on to DISD Employee Self-Service in Oracle and click on the DISD Annual Policy Acknowledgment to read and electronically complete the following:

  • The Annual Notification of District Policies
  • 2015-16 Employee Handbook

Go here to download step-by-step directions for completing the acknowledgement. Upon completion, a confirmation of acknowledgment will be sent to your district e-mail. The Annual Employee Notification of District Policies contains several policies that all district employees are required to read, adhere to, and acknowledge annually. All district employees are expected to complete this acknowledgement no later than Dec. 18. Managers are asked to ensure that their direct reports comply with the acknowledgement requirement by Dec. 18.

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Happy Holidays !!!

I want to wish you all the very best for the holidays. The best part of the season is remembering those who make the holidays meaningful. Wishing you all the love and joy this season can bring and that it follows you throughout the coming year. Thanks for your support and dedication in our quest for academic excellence.

Welcome to Gonzalez!!!

Ms. Rosa Banda - FLS TA. Let's take a moment to make her feel welcome and get to know Ms. Banda.