Team Talk

The Road to Distinctions Week of November 16-20, 2015

The Making of A Model Classroom

Creating vision, alignment, and classroom focus is connected to three major tenets:

Excellence in curriculum, instruction, and assessment

1. The curriculum will reflect research-affirmed best practices and strategic use of technology.

2. Assessment will be an ongoing practice containing both formative and summative components for students and teachers.

3. Assessment will be used to ensure quality learning and to inform teachers and teams regarding curricular and instructional decision making.

Equity and Access for ALL Students

4. Students will fulfill the expectations that they will be actively engaged and give their best efforts, intellectually and ethically.

5. Attention will be made to the whole student's emotional and well-being and guide students in accepting increasing responsibility for their learning decisions and actions .

6. Every teacher will address gaps in achievement expectations for student populations

Educating as a Professional Learning Community

7. We will commit to building to contributing to high-performing teams.

8. We will commit to collective inquiry and reflection on the results of student achievement in order to improve student learning.

9. We will commit to a high level of mutual support and TRUST between all members of the learning community.

The above tenets are excerpts from:

"The Five Disciplines of PLC Leaders"

Where are you personally and professionally with theses tenets?