Philip Zimbardo

By Zach Fortner


Zimbardo was born on March 23, 1933.

He is still alive today.

Psychology Field

Zimbardo study's time, shyness, madness, violence and evil, political psychology, and terrorism.

Zimbardo largest contribution to the psychology field is his work in social psychology (His work on the Stanford Prison Experiment)

Contribution to Psychology Field and Historical Impact (Stanford Prison Experiment)

His research shows how good people can do evil deeds .Zimbardo most historical impact would have to be the Stanford Prison Experiment. The Stanford Prison Experiment took place on August 14.1971 and ended on August 20, 1971. Zimbardo took students from Stanford University and put them into two groups. One group was the prisoner and the others were the prison guard. The study was set up by a grant that was gave to Stanford by the U.S. Office of Naval Research. The Navy and the Marines was interest in seeing the causes of conflict between military guards and prisoners. This experiment shows that ordinary intelligent college students can get caught up in the situation that they cross the line between good and evil. This study also shows the psychological effect on how people act when they have power over others

Interesting Fact

Philip Zimbardo founded The Heroic Imagination Project. He founded this organization that teaches people how to take action in challenging situations.

How Research in Important to Madern-Day Psychology

His work on the Prison Experiment show how any man or women that is put in a stressful situation can become a different person then what they normally are.