Vaccinations for School Children

Is it right or not?

Our belief

We agree in mandatory vaccinations. There are many reasons to why we think mandatory vaccinations will not only benefit you, but also benefit the people around you.

First reason: How it helps you

Getting a vaccination will drastically lower the chance of obtaining the disease. This will help because if you get the illness, you cannot come to school causing you to get behind, loose credits, etc. Also, this could keep your body healthy which will make you feel better.

Second Reason: How it helps others

Getting the vaccination not only helps you, but it helps prevent other people to become sick as well. Like babies and infants whose immune sytems aren't as fully established as an adult..
Whooping Cough

The other side

Is it worth it?

Many people have their own values when it comes to immunization. Such as religous beliefs, tradition, or their personal morals. Vaccination saves more lives then they do infecting them. Even though these are valid points, immunization opinions boil down to how willing are people to put themselves and others in danger? We believe a human's life is more important.

Protect what matters the Most

Excerpt from the article

3322 - Commercial - Pro-vaccination

"How many lives are saved by vaccination?" ; (

According to World Health Organization estimates, vaccination saves the lives of more than 3 million people worldwide each year and prevents millions of others from suffering from diseases and permanent disabilities.

However, more than 3 million people, including 1.4 million children under the age of 5, still die each year worldwide due to lack of access to vaccines. The most deadly of the vaccine-preventable infectious diseases are measles, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), pertussis and neonatal tetanus.
With a concerted effort, it is possible to eliminate, or even eradicate, certain diseases:
Smallpox, which used to kill 5 million people worldwide each year, was eradicated in 1980 and is now virtually forgotten. To date, the global fight against poliomyelitis has saved 5 million people from paralysis (WHO, 2005).
Edith & Ellen (Frances & Iris) - Walgreens Commercial

Where can I get a shot?

Yearly vaccinations such as the flu shot are located in common places.

The video above shows a commercial for the pharmacy Walgreens where an average american rcan recieve the service of an immunization.


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